Class Descriptions

Classical Yoga

This class begins with a brief sharing of yoga philosophy which is then interwoven throughout the class, allowing the student to understand the holistic science of yoga and bring this awareness into their everyday lives. All levels of experience welcome.

Gentle Yoga Flow

This class is held at a slower pace to be accessible to all levels. Students will combine breath while gently flowing through sun salutations and standing poses.  Some balance, passive stretching, and strength building will be integrated to invite a sense of well-being.

Vinyasa Flow

This all levels class harnesses the energizing practice of breath lead movement. Options are made available for both deeper exploration and gentler variations of postures to meet the student’s needs.

Strength & Sculpt

This class is designed for those who want to build resilience in both body and mind. Sculpt and tone your body with this powerful yoga flow. Move through familiar asanas and not so familiar twists. Challenge your endurance and harness your awareness, cultivating a sense of empowerment and focus. Turn it down at the end of class to release tension and sooth the mind.

Yoga by Donation

This class harnesses the energy of the community. There are no set fees. Pay what you are able or use an already existing monthly pass. Your choice! All are welcome.

Yoga For Kids Ages 6-8

This class offers young yogis a chance to be empowered through movement, mindfulness, conversation, and relaxation. Each class provides a safe space where students can open up about topics such as self-love, respect, peace, confidence, healthy living, and any other topics that organically develop. During class, kids will explore these theories through engaging activities such as stories, games, arts/crafts, journaling and more! 

*Bring a snack, water, your favorite comfort item (stuffed animal, blanket, ect.), and yoga mat (optional) 

Yoga For Teens

Yoga offers teens a variety of techniques for approaching the unique challenges they’re faced with everyday. It is not uncommon for teens to experience daily feelings of insecurity about their changing bodies, the enormous pressure to fit in, busy schedules, social media, bullying, and uncertainty about their beliefs and their futures. Adding a yoga practice to their daily lives can open teens up to discovering ways to stay fit and healthy through stress management, weight management, building strength, and by improving body image, breathing, balance, mood, and concentration. Each class provides conversation, connection, journaling, postures, games, and so much more!  


Take your yoga practice to new levels with the Yoga Body Trapeze®. This fun new practice will allow you to deepen into familiar asanas while also toning and strengthening through new poses as well. The inversion aspect of this class allows a unique relaxation in a suspended atmosphere. You can lengthen using gravity as a tool to help ease back pain and strengthen the body. The slings and straps bring the floor to you as you start with a familiar warm up, move through some conditioning and a fun flow to end in a relaxing unique floating savasana.

Beginner Burlesque

Beginner Burlesque Class is geared to those who are interested in exploring the empowering art of Burlesque Dance. In class, you will build a foundation to move and dance with confidence and sensuality. We will cover basic techniques and key moves, ultimately incorporated into a fun choreography sequence. Attire and footwear for this class are left to an individual students’ discretion– comfortable workout clothing that allows for movement is ideal; heels optional!

Ladies Night

In the spirit of tantra yoga, we look to the body as a way to become more present. In this once a month class, you will explore dance that connects you to your sensuality and allows you to express your unique beauty. And did we mention fun? It’s LOTS of fun! So, gather your favorite gals, bring an open mind and get your sexy on.

In the Burlesque tradition, you are encouraged to dress in what ever makes you feel good~fishnets, camisoles, slips, booty shorts.Keep in mind that you want to be able to move freely. Shoes should be comfortable~booties or heels with straps are great!

There will be a social time at the beginning, so feel free to bring an adult beverage if you so desire. Stemware is provided.

Meditation Circle

 Join Kimberly Corey Ed.D. in a healing circle for a guided meditation supported by essential oils, energy release, and visualization. Relax on your mat and work through a process that can help you let go of a bad day, bad week, or start to release pieces of a situation or event that drag your energy down. Healing is part of our journey and is a process that we all work through at different paces and to different degrees. Join the group for guidance and support and “be brave enough to heal yourself even when it hurts.” –(Sparacino). 

Yoga Nidra

 Join Lois for this deeply relaxing experience the last Friday of every month! Yoga Nidra is an efficient and effective practice of guided meditation to soften physical and mental tensions and achieve deep relaxation. Sometimes called ‘sleep with awareness’, it takes us to the edge of sleep, relaxed, yet awake and aware. Lying comfortably while listening to instructions, you silently rotate awareness around different parts of the body to achieve calmness and clarity.