Nourish | Body Mind Soul

Nourish | Body Mind Soul

A Yoga and Movement Studio

23 Mountain Rd, Unit E

Northwood, NH 03261.


nourish [nuhr-ish]


  1. to supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth.
  2. to cherish, foster, keep alive
  3. to strengthen, build up or promote

COVID-19 Update: We have suspended live classes until further notice. Our yoga classes are being offered online. Just clink on the class title in the Online Class Schedule.

UNITY PASS $35 for 30 days of unlimited online classes. To purchase, click HERE.

Welcome! I’m so glad that you found us!

We are a studio dedicated to fostering acceptance, compassion and loving kindness for oneself, and all living beings. All of our instructors are registered with Yoga Alliance and are thrilled to share their passion and wisdom with you. Join us to experience all the ways in which you can be nourished!