nourish [nuhr-ish]


  1. to supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth.
  2. to cherish, foster, keep alive
  3. to strengthen, build up or promote

Welcome! I’m so glad that you found us!

Nourish BodyMind Soul LLC is an inclusive yoga and movement studio that welcomes and celebrates each individual’s abilities and experiences. We are dedicated to fostering acceptance, compassion and loving-kindness for oneself and all living beings.

We seek to accomplish this in multiple ways. Our yoga classes meet each student where they are and offer choices to empower them.

We teach the 8-fold path of Yoga as outlined by Patanjali’s Sutras in hopes of creating an authentic, mindful and non-appropriative Practice.

We clearly see our role in social justice as we seek to disrupt harm by promoting diversity in our yoga community. We walk this talk by partnering with Affirming Spaces Project, as well as fundraising for the Reproductive Freedom Fund of NH.

We offer annual women’s retreats because we believe that women, healing, can heal the world.

our instructors are thrilled to share their passion and wisdom with you. Join us to experience all the ways in which you can be nourished!

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Full Moon Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath

Lanta and Leighsa (of Timberledge Wellness) return with their monthly full moon offering. Explore the meaning of this month’s moon. Allow your body to release into gentle supported yoga poses. Connect to your breath to access greater ease and relaxation. All supported by healing sound vibrations. Treat yourself! Space is limited to 12 persons. Sign up here.

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Barre Power Hour

A fundraiser for The Reproductive Freedom Fund of NH

Join Chelsea for this special Barre Power Hour fundraiser! Barre is a workout that combines elements of ballet, yoga asana and pilates. It focuses on low impact, high intensity movements to build strength and develop agility and flexibility. All proceeds go to the Reproductive Freedom Fund of NH. Sign up here.
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CHRYSALIS:Under the Stars

Join Lanta at her home, Rock Maple Farm in Strafford, NH for this annual women’s camping retreat! Born out of a dream. Birthed on a new moon in the middle of a global pandemic. 10 women joined together to camp under a canopy of trees and a sky full of stars and be supported in personal transformation. It was so much fun that we do it every year!

September 23-25, 2022 $444

This Fall, we will harness the energy of the Autumnal Equinox, and reconnect to Nature through the elements of air, water, fire and earth. You only need to bring your tent, bedding, a camp chair, your yoga mat and an adventurous spirit. We do the rest! Daily yoga. Delicious home cooked meals served in the farmhouse. Camp fires. Forest bathing. Transformation breath work. Herbal foot soaks and more. Only 5 spots remain, so claim your space today!

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