Hear My Call.

Yesterday, as I was speaking with a close friend, I spoke aloud a truth that I had discovered on retreat last September and she told me I should blog about it. My first thought was “I think I already did” and then, I thought “Do it again! We all need to hear this and know this truth!’ So, here it goes….

I am not broken. I am not in need of fixing. I have had experiences. I have been wounded. I have belief systems, both self taught and inflicted upon me, BUT these wounds and experiences and belief systems do not make me less…less worthy, less valuable than another, less deserving. I am not less than myself. I am. I am myself. I am the culmination of my experiences, good and bad. I can work to heal my wounds. I can work to observe outdated belief systems and let them go or change my way of thinking.  I can not do this, however, if I believe that I have been broken. I can not accomplish this work if I rely on another person or persons or their belief systems to fix me.

These truths were reinforced at EXALT, the devotional immersion retreat I attended 2 weeks ago. Only I prevent myself from experiencing sovereignty. Any healing or changing or growing or evolving or releasing that I am going to do will only happen when I step into the full picture of me….the shadows and the light, the solar and lunar…when I create the balance necessary to support my beloved self in all of her radiance.

So, I am sharing this. It feels a little emotive and vulnerable, but I am strong enough to share this with you. If you aren’t embodying all of you….if you aren’t loving all of you…even the parts that are weaker or fatter or smarter or not smart enough or whatever you gauge yourself by and find wanting, then hear my call. I challenge you. I beg you. I need you….to begin to own your own unique offering….to begin to love yourself exactly as you are. Don’t you think it is time? Don’t you feel the longing?  I truly hope this finds you. The world needs more people like you. Like me. To come together.

In love,



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  1. It took me a long time, but over the last couple of years in particular, my search has been rewarded. I have been found.

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