Come and get it!

Welp! I am not very good at writing regularly, but I am back! I continue to seek vulnerability, softness and openness in my life. I continue to lean in to areas that create discomfort and attempt to reconcile the truth with action. It is a daily practice. I invite you to join me in it.<3

So what have I been up to?

I sat for a boudoir photography session with Nichole Goldworthy, relinquishing all control over the choices and am thrilled with the results! I was so afraid to see the images…afraid that I would hate how I looked, but she captured a calm, self-assured woman (sexy too! teehee) and I realized that that is who I am and it is time to let go of this belief that I am anything less.

Which leads me to my next topic. Danger Tits! Burlesque. This moniker was given to the troupe I formed for my burlesque 50th birthday bash by my cousin, Missy. We had T-shirts and a sign made up. It was so fun! It was a tongue in cheek name acknowledging how society seems to find women’s breasts a danger zone. They are lovely. They also feed our children. Come on folks! Lets lighten up! I may also delight in saying the name and watching people’s faces, but that is not important to this story. What is important is that in February, a group of women joined my troupe. They committed to my mission statement which is:

We are a troupe of women seeking to empower and express ourselves through dance and celebration of the female form.

Isn’t this exciting! These women have been meeting every weekend and are delighted to see their hard work culminate in a show! Yes! A show! That you can attend to show your support! So the details….Saturday, April 27. Doors open at 7:30. Show starts at 8pm. BYOB. Sue’s. Rollinsford, NH. $15, Buy your tickets here. Who knows? Perhaps, you will love it so much that you will want to be in our next show this Fall! Either way, I hope you can come!

So much love,

LantaPS This photo was taken on a DTB field trip to Portland to take a burlesque class with my teacher at Red, Hot & Ladylike, Miss E. Aren’t we totes everything?

One thought on “Come and get it!

  1. Such a busy B you are Lanta! I admire the fact that you are “allowed” all this free time away on your own! LOL Never would have flown in my relationship with Tom. He “needed” me there for him too much! hahaa hence….one reason I am single again.
    Congrats on you accomplishments. If you ever decide to do that weekend retreat in your yard again, please keep me in mind. It would be nice to see everyone again and I think Id love it.

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop

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