Yoga Therapy

    • Curious about yoga?
    • Want to deepen your already existing practice?
    • Want to break patterns of stress and anxiety?
    • Want to create a better relationship with your body?


Yoga therapy invites the client to be a “student of their own health’; learning to explore yourself on many levels-physical, energetic, psychological and spiritual. Let us work together to explore the eight limbed path of yoga and facilitate a greater sense of ease in your life.


In a yoga therapy session, we will discuss your personal stressors, look to the ancient teachings for guidance and then move through yoga poses to create a tangible experience of stress reduction.  There will be time set aside to explore breath work, relaxation, and meditation.  Typically, 6-8 sessions constitute a beginning program.


Each session is $60 and will take approximately 1 hour.

(Blocks of 4 sessions can be purchased for $220 and blocks of 6 sessions for $300).

To learn more or to schedule a session, contact me by filling out the form below.