Day 2

This was me… 6 years ago. I took an aerial yoga workshop. I was so excited! I have always wanted to do this!!

I was greeted by a gorgeous, very thin twenty something who was too absorbed by her iPad to greet me or make me feel welcome. I was easily 15 pound heavier and 15 years older than every student in the room. It was horrifying to me and my body felt that warm rush of shame. I stayed through the workshop, my palms sweating and my limbs feeling barely able to hold my weight, but I never went back. I regret that I allowed my own shame, and need to compare and to judge myself limit me. I am grateful that one student snapped this picture for me and that I am able to look at it and remember how graceful I felt in that dangling King Pigeon pose.

This time around, there will be no room for shame. I will claim my size, my shape, my body with pride and even, admiration. Joy in myself! A new concept. To revel in oneself. I will choose gratitude for my limbs as they support me. I will choose to see beauty in the undertaking and even in the possibility of failure.

Tuesday can not be here soon enough!!


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