It’s MY time!

I have just had the most amazing week! I met with two yoga therapy clients which always thrills me. I led a corporate yoga therapy workshop which takes things to a whole other level! I played on a trapeze and LOVED it. It doesn’t demand quite as much strength as the silks, so I was able to realize more poses (?) and that was fun! The bruises on the back of my knees are not so cute, but I hope we do it again on Tuesday!

I also attended a Barre class at FierceFitNH and had a blast! I was pleased at my stamina and love the core strength I am gaining.

My last bit of news is that I am corresponding with the owner of a burlesque dance studio in Portland, ME about a Teacher Training. There is nothing in this area and it is something I want to learn. I love the tease and tastefulness of burlesque. I love that anything goes! That age and size and even gender do not matter. I am seriously considering this training and offering burlesque dance classes to my students to allow them to embrace their unique beauty, sensuality and style. Plus self-confidence for days. Who doesn’t want that?

So, my journey continues. I wonder some days at what is driving me. Why now? I joke that it is a midlife crisis and perhaps it is, but I prefer to think that I am just old enough and wise enough to start claiming what I want. It’s about time!


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