Crazy week!

I can not believe it has been a week since I last wrote and what a week it has been!!

Saturday, my family and I worked hard in the yard, clearing brush and raking out our flower beds. Sunday, I drove to Portland to attend an all day Burlesque-fest. It was simply amazing and I learned so much. Monday, I taught yoga, did my weight training session, taught yoga again and attended my Pilates Reformer class. Tuesday, I subbed a yoga class and then, went to PT for my elbow and was given some exercises and good news. My shoulder limitation is not due to injury, but to tightness. So many poses that I thought were beyond me now may be a possibility!! That evening was my aerial dance class and I learned to sequence a series of 5 poses from an 8-lock foot hold. This was the first time that we moved from pose to pose. It was physically demanding, but what a sense of accomplishment! Wednesday, I taught two yoga classes again and was starting to feel tired. Thursday, I took a private aerial class following my PT and started having some muscle cramping in my left glute. I was feeling worried that I had taken on to much, but after teaching yoga this morning, I scheduled a massage and it was exactly what I needed! I am feeling great, ready to go to my burlesque class and teacher training tomorrow and then rest until Monday!

I am sharing my schedule with you because I have been experiencing an interesting thing. Many people have commented that I am “doing too much” or that I need to “take it easy” and I have to be honest, with my elbow acting up and then my glute pain, I was starting to fear the same. I was never so relieved to be informed that the elbow is just inflammation on making new demands on the tendon as I grip the silks and the glute pain was fallout from knee instability that I have been working to improve. I am not doing too much. I am building in rest days. I am ok.

This did get me thinking about the authenticity and intention of the advice though. Was it actual concern for my well-being or are people uncomfortable seeing someone striving for their dreams and living their life out loud? Is it easier to diminish someone’s actions or dismiss them as unwise or “too much” than to reflect on one’s own desire to pursue their happiness with dedication. Do I hold up a mirror to ways in which others are not living in joy? Gosh, I hope not! I hope I am inspiring (and maybe challenging) others to go for it! But at the end of the day, I can not control how others feel. I can not stop them from living in fear. I can not create their joy. And I can not let them diminish my light. So, I am choosing to shake it off, assume they are well-intentioned and eagerly await the arrival of my lyra!


Happy weekend, all!

Much love!



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