I am a source of light in the world!

I have just returned from co-leading the annual Peace Tree Yoga women’s retreat. The theme was “Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine”. I have found that when I am there, I can’t really allow myself to go too deeply because I need to hold space for our students, so when I return home, it washes over me in waves. Some years, it comes to me as deep soul weariness and others, I am highly emotive. This year, I feel strong and vibrant.

At the retreat, we discussed masculine and feminine qualities present in ALL humans. We tuned in to our innate knowing and started to cultivate trust in our own intuition. Once I got home and began to unpack and do chores around the house, it began to sink in. Firstly, I already tune in to my intuition. I trust this part of myself and utilize it in teaching. I feel grateful for this. I have been, however, over-deliberating, hence putting too much emphasis on the parts of myself that feel damaged or have trauma and not viewing myself as a whole person. Stepping into my wholeness feels like stepping into my own personal power. I feel very much on fire right now to be a source of light in the world!

So, as I move into a busy week, counting down to my birthday party, I am moving away from worry, anxiety, and hyper self-analysis and moving toward excitement, joy, and self-love. Yay!!!

What are you moving away from? What are you moving toward? I would love to hear so that I can support you along the way! Also, we have a new feature on here. Hit the like button so I know someone is reading this. 😉

In love,


A few pix from the retreat:

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