A Big Bite

Wow! Last week was chock full of new things! I made it to the gym twice! I took a private Pilates Reformer class! I went to a Burlesque Girl’s Night AND I began my Burlesque Teacher Training with homework and everything! I was also easing in on the Spring Cleanse that I am co-leading with Ruth of Peace Tree Yoga. Sunday was a well deserved day of rest!

This week doesn’t look much different. I am not teaching my Grange classes this week however.

Yoga 9am, Gym, Pilates 8pm

T Aerial Dance

W Yoga 9am Gym

Th Aerial Home class

Gym 90 min Burlesque Class

Burlesque class/Teacher Training 10-12

I am in full cleanse this week which means smoothies, juices, soups. No caffeine. No alcohol. No sugar. No processed foods. I think I am ready. I have a sinus infection trying to take hold so the caffeine has been a challenge to let go of. I am down to 1/2c of black coffee and will eliminate that fully tomorrow.

I am currently reflecting on perspective. I am so in love with my body right now. I t feels so strong and every time I ask something of it, it complies. It makes me wonder why I waited so long to ask. It is making me think I can ask more of myself..of the universe. Maybe I can speak my truth and express my desires and they can be met. I posted a quote on here once by nayyirah waheed and it is running through my head constantly with my own spin on it, creating a mantra for myself “I want the world dripping down my chin” and I do. I want all the things.

What do you want? What are you passionate about? Are you doing it? Go ahead. Leap. Take a big bite and let the juices run….<3

Feel free to share what you are doing in the comments below! I am glad to be your cheerleader.

Love. Love. Love.

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