A Ladies’ Day!

I am so excited for today!

Last month, when I was feeling overextended and out of joy, I looked at my calendar and chose my first free day, April 1. I laughed at the Universal joke and promptly emailed 4 of my closest friends, asking them to save the date and plan on playing hooky from work or finding childcare as was necessary. Then, I got to think about what 5 moms would want to do on a free day without children or any other responsibilities. I came up with a complimentary yoga class with me in my living room followed by a mimosa. Then, we would head to a local garden center and dream of Spring planting. Lastly, I made reservations for high tea. All ladies will be delivered home in time to meet the school bus.

Although, I am thrilled for the day ahead of me, I found an even deeper joy in the planning of the special details. Vacuuming and mopping my living room before carefully laying out yoga mats…lighting incense and a candle to create a sacred space….washing out vintage champagne flutes and hand squeezing cara cara oranges…placing bubbly in a beautiful carafe.  I want these women to know that I hold them dear. I want them to feel special and uplifted when they step into my home.

How often do you take the time to let the women in your life know that they are special to you? I challenge you to think of ways to spend time, meaningfully, with other women. Delve into the spirit of  this and have fun! Share on the forum ways that you have embraced your friendships or reached out to create new ones.

So, they are do to arrive in about 15 minutes. Yay! Happy April 1.

In love.


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