A “no thank you” helping.

When my sons’ were little (and sometimes, still now..lol), and I prepared something that they hadn’t had before or something they were convinced they didn’t like, they were asked to take a “no thank you” bite. The idea is that they would try everything and determine in that moment if they wanted more or not.

I share this because last night, I attended a Beginner Burlesque class. It was fun to warm up doing body rolls (well….trying), strutting our bizness across the floor and feeling into our bodies. Then, it came time for the choreography. Choreography?? Every woman in there was a first timer. Can we learn pretty moves or how to snake our hand ever so deliciously around our bodies? How to fold over a leg and roll up seductively. Nope. We learned a full dance routine to a Chris Brown song. Chris Brown? Isn’t that the guy that beat up Rihanna? I don’t want to dance to him while getting my sexy on! I wanna take a bat to his knee caps. Hmmm…..a no thank you helping.

So, I left with a dance routine under my belt which was really fun. I made some observations which are also helpful. For instance, I am tall so I need to keep my movements small or they get big fast. I also realized that it is hard for me to really put my stuff out there after so many years of feeling self conscious in my body. Unfortunately, I also left with my back threatening to go out and my knee feeling tough. No modifications were offered when two students (me included) balked at dropping down into a quick squat before popping up into a wide legged fold or two while undulating.

So, it might appear that I am quite critical of this class, but in all honesty, I am glad that I tried it. I am on fire to get to Portland to Red Hot and Ladylike and take their class. In their literature, they state their goal is “to empower women of all ages, sizes and lifestyles to exude confidence beyond class, transforming their everyday life”. YES! I want more than a bite of that! I am feeling further drawn to take the Burlesque Teacher Training to offer women an opportunity to learn moves that leave them feeling sexy and confident, not uncoordinated and a little out of touch. 

I have also been working hard to become stronger. I have been weight lifting, doing the routines that my aerial teacher prescribed, as well as a Barre class every Saturday morning. My weight is staying put and the food aversion is a distant memory as I strive for more definition and strength.

Lastly, I played on the lyra in class this week. I held a woman up with my ankles. I held myself by my ankles. It was so fun. I really enjoy the lyra and trapeze, but I think it is because I can get up there which still alludes me on the silks! I have to be mindful in this because the lower hanging fruit tends to draw my attention and I need to stay steadfast in my commitment to master the silks….or at least be proficient. I have reasonable goals. 🙂

So, that is my world in a nutshell. Happy Friday!


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