All the Things

Since I wrote last, so many fun things have happened.

I came out of my vertigo on fire! I joined an Instagram Yoga challenge where you post a picture of yourself in a pose a day. They were poses that I was very unfamiliar with and that made me uncomfortable. It was a good practice to be uncomfortable and to breathe deeply into that discomfort. Surrender to it even. Explore it. Plumb it’s depths for the secrets it may reveal. It taught me that I love my Practice and prefer simpler poses. I have no desire today to put my body in pretzel positions.That said, I also signed up for a lyra top bar challenge and really enjoyed being stretched in both my comfort and knowledge.

I am leading a women’s retreat this upcoming weekend! Chrysalis Retreat. It is my intention to provide space for women to contemplate their own transformation. Or evolution. Or personal growth. I am beyond thrilled. I have never felt such a sense of certainty or rightness. It is my hope that this becomes an annual offering and grows naturally as women seek to gather, see and be seen, listen and are truly heard, to bear witness to each other’s stories and lay down mantles of shame, self-consciousness, self-criticism and silence.What a magnificent thing to see women empower each other!

I continue to train for my birthday. My work out schedule is a little daunting some days. Today, I teach two classes, take an aerial class to work on choreography for my birthday and then a private Reformer class. Yikes! Tomorrow is only aerial, so I can rest a little. I continue to be amazed by what my body can do and it is strong. I feel resilient and excited about what is ahead of me.

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