My word for today is anticipation.

In preparation to cleanse, we do a body scan meditation to tune in and create an intention for ourselves. As I began to follow my breath into my body…being curious about how I felt, about my digestion, elimination, energy level…I became aware that I am feeling anticipation. What a funny thing. Usually, I note that I feel sluggish after the heavy foods of winter or I need to ground as the air changes and blows my attention away from my center, but not this time. This time I feel excited to begin the cleanse and release the heaviness of loss and heartbreak. I feel excited to re-commit myself to this journey and continue to explore what my body is capable of. I am ready to begin my burlesque teacher training and lay down the mantle of self-consciousness.

Are you anticipating? Shift? Change? Possibility? What if you were? <3


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