April 2020

Again the blackbird sings; the streams

Wake. Laughing form their winter dreams

And tremble in the April showers

The tassles of the maple flowers.

~John Greenleaf Whittier

I am so excited for April! Spring is intoxicating as we watch the Earth burst to life! The studio is also bursting with exciting news! This may be a long post, so please hang in there with me.

The first thing I would like to draw your attention to is YOGAPALOOZA! This is a 2 day event filled with exciting classes! All proceeds go to the UNITY Teacher Training Fun to promote diversity in our yoga community one teacher at a time! Please take a little time to peruse the Schedule of Events and join us for as many classes as you would like. Unable to join us? That’s ok! You can still support this cause by donating via the DONATE button on the bottom of the homepage.

As many of you know, I have been struggling with my knees for some time now. I have exhausted all avenues of treatment and have made the decision to have a total knee replacement. The surgery is scheduled for Monday, April 26th. When the Dr. told me he could schedule it in April, I was in shock! Nourish survived a pandemic, but could it survive my absence for 6-8 weeks? Who would cover for me? How could I keep the studio open? I made a series of texts from my car in the parking lot and by the time I had arrived home, I had commitment from 2 people I admire greatly and love dearly to step in and support our community. This felt like a positive sign and has allowed me to take a deep breath and prepare for my surgery.

You may remember Lisa Wagner RYT200 Certified Reiki Master from pre-COVID times or perhaps, you attended her Peace and Poetry Class? She is a deep thinker who sees so much beauty in the world. She brings a special serenity and wisdom to the mat. She will be teaching my Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am Classical Yoga Classes. I know that you will enjoy her!

Cherie Bartlett RYT200 is my neighbor and friend. She works full-time, but has offered to teach my Yoga by Donation classes, Monday and Wednesday at 6pm. You may recognize her face from class as she has immersed herself in our community and brought a gentle reverence for the Practice. You may also have practiced with her at the Hill Library pre-COVID. Her passion is Yoga Nidra and she will be donating a class to Yogapalooza Sunday April 11 at 4pm. I know some of my evening students will be asking her to share more Nidra. 😉

Thank you for reading all of that! I know this community has deep roots and I ask that you receive these teachers and their heart felt offerings with open arms. In yoga, we are taught to move away from qualifying our experiences and thoughts and instead, accept what is. Every situation has its own unique wisdom to offer. I have every faith that you will support them and me in keeping Nourish and all that it represents alive in my absence.

With deep gratitude and love,


2 thoughts on “April 2020

  1. Best of luck for your knee(s). I will think of you on the 26th which is also my 73rd revolution around the calendar!

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