Awakening Your Magic: A Day of Offerings with Jess Waters

August 23rd. $30/session or $75 for all three.

Awaken your potential with 3 offerings in one day, exploring magic, wellness, and empowerment. Like yoga, magical practices like journeying, divination, and astrology are deeply connected to intuition, nature, inner self, and ‘higher mind.’ In difficult times, these practices can be spiritually and emotionally transformative. Come be in community with us as we learn from each other and build skills that speak to the magic in all of us.

These events are open to people of all levels, paths, and spiritual backgrounds. If you’re brand new to ‘woo-woo,’ you are as welcome here as the most experienced witch. Please be respectful of other people’s crafts. Be mindful of cultural appropriation. Be open to the exchange of ideas and learning new things.

Jess is an eclectic, animist magical practitioner, witch, and poet who has been teaching practices like astrology, tarot, journeying, dreamwork, witchcraft, and sigil-making since November 2018. She believes the secret of magic is very simple: you can change your life. 

Conquering Fear: Practices for Heart Transformation

We live in often-frightening times. While fear has important functions, too much fear holds us back and leaves us stuck in an anxious place of always reacting, never acting. In this session, we explore a whole systems approach (emotional, mental, physical, social, spiritual) to building health & personal resilience. Participants can expect to engage with movement and guided meditation (journeying) as well as discussion and other activities. Sign up here.

Working with the Moon: Western and Vedic Lunar Magic

An introduction to both Western and Vedic approaches to working with the moon in its different phases, signs, aspects, and mansions. Participants will learn to integrate their personal astrology with working with the moon throughout the year, as well as how to work with the moon’s monthly cycle in your spiritual, magical, and fitness practice.Sign up here.

Manifesting Miracles: How to Know What You Want & Magic to Get It

Magic, like yoga, is a tool for living an extraordinary life. The first step? Understanding, naming, and working with your desires; ditching the “I don’t deserve it” mentality; and going after what you actually want. In this session, participants will be introduced to several practices for discovering, setting, and bringing about their desires as well as healthy habits for manifesting success and well-being. Sign up here.