Be Gentle With Yourselves.

Tomorrow is a big day and no matter what the outcome, there will be challenges. It’s going to be uncomfortable. As yogis, we know how to sit in discomfort. We know how to return to center. We know how to tap into our breath and be present to whatever is unfolding. And when we forget all that we know we can forgive ourselves. We can offer ourselves grace. We can be gentle with ourselves. Sip tea. Bake. Take a nap. Or a bath. Or both.

This month, I have curated a series of offerings to support you…the gentle wisdom of Lisa Wagner, a journeying class, tapping into intuition through the brow/3rd eye chakra, and a Black Friday alternative to mass consumerism.

Peace and Poetry Sunday, Nov 15 3pm $25

Autumn is the season of the soul. Join Lisa Wagner of Sierra Sky Energy Work as she presents an afternoon of Peace & Poetry. In this 90 minute, candlelit workshop, we’ll create an embodied form of meditation that supports self-awareness, reflection and healing. Like the practices of yoga and meditation, poetry invites us to gently move away from over-thinking and over-analyzing towards feeling, sensing and just ‘being’. Experience the powerful synergy of yoga, poetry, reiki and sound as Lisa guides you into restorative postures and a state of ‘relaxed awareness’. You will leave feeling more centered, rested and inspired. Sign up here.

Journeying Monday, Nov 16 7:30pm $15

Learn how to shamanic journey & explore the path to your imagination. Shamanic journeying, in this context, is a form of guided meditation that puts you in touch with helping spirits and allows you to explore memories, places, the imagination, and the Self to promote health and creativity. Whether you’re completely new to the practice or an experienced journeyer, this session is welcoming for you. Sign up here.

Brow/Third Eye Chakra Workshop Friday, Nov 20 6 pm $25

Join Sheri as she leads us in exploring the Brow or 3rd eye chakra. This chakra is known as the control center because it focuses on cultivating a strong and independent mind by tapping into our intuition. This chakra helps us identify what we need to create happy and wholesome lives and provides the energy to expand our inner picture of how we see ourselves and the world. Sign up here.

Black Friday Add on Class Friday, Nov 27 10:15am $15

This class was born out of a conversation with Jessica Leff of Parker Mountain Comfort Wraps, in which we felt a desire to “bring our hearts together”. Join us directly after the 9am Classical Yoga class to combine breath, movement, visualization and the element of fire to gain clarity and invite inspiration. Tune in to what your heart needs and how best to support yourself in the holiday season. Sign up here.

I hope that you see something in this email that sparks interest, curiosity, even hope. I am here for you. It is my absolute desire to hold space for your healing, your personal growth, your solace.

Sending so much love,


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