Beginner’s Mind

I attended Chelsea’s class this morning. It was so refreshing to experience a new teacher and I heard cues I had never heard before. I experienced poses in ways I hadn’t sequenced before. I settled into the quiet because she is not as chatty as I am. It was soothing.

As I left the studio, I started reminiscing about when I first began teaching. I kept my eyes closed through almost the entire class. Seriously. Almost the whole class! I was convicted in my desire to share yoga, but felt so vulnerable to be sharing these deep truths…to be standing in front of people showing them how to move their bodies when I had such a love/hate relationship with my own.

Fast forward ten years and now the studio is mine and I am taking class with my new instructor, hearing her voice soft because it is so hard to declare one’s truth. I note her hesitancy as she cues the poses. Hesitant because she wants to get it right. She wants her students to feel yoga move through them, offering ease, comfort, compassion…whatever it is they needed this morning.

I am so grateful to the YogaLife Institute and Brian Serven for showing me how to live yoga with humility, curiousity and compassion. I am so grateful to Chelsea for allowing me this opportunity to see my growth over the past decade and I am so honored to be able to witness the beginning of her journey.

I invite you all to her classes. Thursday’s 6pm and Saturday’s at 9am. Uphold each other in the experience. Share the energy. Build our community. Love. Compassion. Inclusion.

Yours In Yoga,