Breathwork Sessions

with Lanta Bice Totten E-RYT500, YACEP

What is it?

A transformational process that combines a 2-step breathing technique with music to create an experience of healing. Move stagnant energy. Cleanse and nourish the body. Focus the mind. Awaken your spirit.

What to expect?

A session is approximately 45 minutes to one hour long. We begin by going over the process and setting an intention. Then, we move into the active breathing which is done on your back on a mat or blanket. It is accompanied by music to create an immersive experience. This lasts about 20-28 minutes and then, the active breathing stops and the breath is allowed to return to normal. You will be gently guided back and invited to journal and/or discuss your experience.


Unexpected, powerful, restorative and cleansing are the words that come to mind when I try to describe my first experience with breath work led by Lanta Totten of Nourish. Lanta prepared me by letting me know what to expect and how the process would work. I positioned myself comfortably on my back, but, WOW, this was not a relaxing experience. At first I was overwhelmed by the challenge of controlling my breath with strong inhales filling the belly and chest followed by complete exhalations, repeated rapidly with no rest. The breath work is exactly that, work. A rhythm developed and Lanta’s voice guided me and encouraged me to continue. The music that accompanied the experience steadied my breath as well as gently providing a positive, uplifting message. The physical sensations throughout my body were very intense and downright fascinating. I could not have done this by myself because I would have found it impossible to push myself into this realm by consistently breathing in this powerful way. The release I experienced was profound and unexpected. In the end I felt deeply restored and later in the day profoundly energized and optimistic. I felt lighter, as if gravity backed off a little bit and the air around me was less dense. ~DG

The most amazing piece for me was the guided breath work, again a first-time experience. I was able to reach inside and was finally given roots, roots to mother nature and roots to a wonderful community. I finished this breath work feeling like the light in me was blazing so bright and I felt so alive for the first time in a very very long time. ~CR

$60 a session Contact Lanta at to schedule your session today.