By contentment, supreme joy is gained. 

The second niyama is Samtosha or contentment, Samtosha is neither liking or disliking, but being ok with what is. The yogis tell us that when we are perfectly content with all that life gives us, then we attain true joy and happiness. It is so easy for the mind to be fooled into thinking that we can attain lasting happiness through the possession of objects and goods, but we know through our study of Yoga that the happiness gained through materialism is only temporary.

Practicing contentment frees us from the unnecessary suffering of always wanting things to be different, and instead fills us with gratitude and joy for all of life’s blessings.

Throughout the day, I invite you to stop and notice what you are experiencing. Deepen your breath and connect with your truth, allow yourself to just be in that moment filled with a sense of well-being. Do it as often as you are able. What do you notice?

So much love,


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