Writing from Your Core: A Healing Workshop for Women

With Sandra Guzmán and Lisa Rockenmacher

Are you in need to some time to reflect and recharge?
How do you feel about your current state?
What are memories that come up?
How might you access perspectives that support healing?

Nourish is so pleased to host these two impactful woman for this important and timely workshop.

Sandra Guzmán is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker. She has dedicated her art to amplifying the voices and stories of marginalized people and communities in various media platforms— magazines, newspapers, television, books, film, and the web. Learn more about her at www.sandraguzman.com.

Lisa Rockenmacher M.A.T., ERYT- 500 and YACEP, is the founder and director of Sky and Stars Yoga and Healing. She has decades of experience as an educator, energy worker, yoga teacher, and tarot reader. Her mission is to connect you to your deepest wisdom, clarity, well-being, and truth.

Our Writing from Your Core: A Healing Workshop is intended to offer us each a chance to digest and recharge. Healing words and stories can not only lift our spirits, but also have the power to bring harmony to our molecular structure and increase our overall well-being.

This daylong workshop is dedicated to healing through movement and writing.

In a supportive and welcoming community, we will share a yoga practice, adaptive and inclusive to all, paired with expressive writing techniques. Guided prompts will help us identify our negative thought patterns and the stories that are not nourishing to our mental health. Painting a portrait of our wounds with words gives us a chance to lay the groundwork to clarify and shift traumatic narratives to healing stories. Writing your deepest thoughts in ½ hour sessions has been proven to relieve stress and boost the immune system. Together we will explore this transformative power.

Through our conscious movement and storytelling, we will have a chance to integrate our emotions, express ourselves, and align with our hearts–where all inner and outer healing begins.

All are welcome! You do not need to consider yourself a “writer” or a “yogi”– just someone who is interested in exploring how movement, words and writing can be a source of healing.

Covid Precautions- Event will be held outside, weather permitting
If indoors- windows will be open and number of attendees is limited to ensure social distancing.

Saturday 8/8/2020 10-4:30

Lunch break 12:30-2. Either bring a lunch or plan to order local takeout (vegetarian options), tea and snacks included.

To claim your spot, sign up here.


Try something new this summer~YogaBody Trapeze!

Tuesdays 6pm and Saturdays 10am with Chelsea.

What people are saying:

No matter age or fitness level, a trapeze yoga class stretches and challenges you in many ways. Yes it is a workout combined with yoga elements, deeper stretches and incorporates different poses beyond a regular yoga class. Guess what? I’m afraid of heights and haven’t hung upside down since I was 12? (56 now) It is amazing what you can do when you try – still nervous about heights- but I can hang upside down! Body seems realigned even! When one expands their experiences you grow as a person and open yourself to other possibilities. ~ Wendy G

I had never seen a trapeze class before so I had no idea what to expect and boy was I in for a surprise—a good one! It is a great workout and I feel muscles working that I didn’t know I had before! It’s also helping me stretch muscles that are super tight and where I hold all my stress which has been a great physical and mental release. At first glance, some of the moves can seek intimidating but Chelsea is such a great teacher. She is patient and supportive. Even when I am convinced I won’t be able to do a position she guides me and encourages me so that I believe I can do it or gives me any modifications I may need. I am so excited to see how far I go as I continue classes. Highly recommend to anyone regardless of your age or size! ~Destiny D.

I had no idea what to expect when I first came to yoga trapeze. I have awful balance and this class gives me the ability to get the full stretch with the support of the sling. Chelsea is a great instructor and it is easy to follow her in class. I highly suggest everyone tries this class out! – Mel F

I felt that I needed more incorporated into my yoga practice and fitness journey before joining yoga trapeze. Using my trapeze as an extension of myself, I feel better connected with my body and its needs. Chelsea has an amazing talent in navigating the class through a series of movements, exercises, and stretches, promoting workouts and relaxation, simultaneously. I highly recommend anyone experiencing this class, at least once. ~Roslynn B.

Drop In $25

Monthly Passes 4 class $90 or 8 class $175

**Due to COVID-19 restrictions, students must provide their own YogaBody Trapeze. We have a few gently used trapezes for sale at the studio or you can order one here.



We did it! We made it through our first week being open with COVID-19 protocols. There was some uncertainty. We practiced indoors and out, as weather permitted. We reconfigured the studio a few times to determine the best way to teach live and remote students. It was good to be together. Thank you for your patience as we move through this uncharted territory.

I wanted to share a few happenings this month.

  • Our Meditation Circle. Friday, June 12 at 6pm. Join Kim either at the studio or remotely for a meditation designed to soothe your soul and share compassion with your community. $20
  • Root Chakra Workshop. Friday, June 19. 6-8pm. Through meditation, group discussion and journaling, you will find and access your body’s inner wisdom. This is first in a series. Every 3rd Friday of the month through December. $30. $180 for entire series.
  • Yin Yoga. Friday, June 26. Join Lois either at the studio or remotely for a yin yoga class which allow deep stretching of connective tissue through held passive poses to support a sense of well-being and relaxation. $20
  • Yoga Body Trapeze classes return Tuesdays 6pm and Saturdays 10am, in studio and remotely. You must provide your own Yoga Body Trapeze. We have gently used available for sale. Drop in, 4 class and 8 class passes are available. 

This week has really shown me that I can release all that is beyond my control and that true peace comes from the ability to stay connected to one’s true nature…which is love.

Sending this love out to you!



It’s Happening!

Hi, everyone!
We are planning to re-open on June 1! 
It is exciting! 
It is scary. 
I can’t wait to see your face!
I want everyone to be safe and well. <3

So, there are some things you need to know.

Firstly, protocols have been put in place to comply with the guidelines set forth by the Governor’s Economic Reopening Taskforce. Please read through these CDC universal guidelines before attending an in-person class. 

I understand that each of us has a different assessment of the risk involved for them, students and instructors alike, and wish to honor that. As a result, classes will be held in a variety of formats. Some will continue to be online only. Some will meet in person with an option of attending remotely, and some will be only in person. Please consult the schedule for details regarding the format of any particular class.

The studio policies around in person classes are posted on the website, here. In person classes are limited to 9 students to preserve social distancing, which makes pre-registration necessary. This can be done from the class schedule page, here. Ron has created a lovely garden area beside the building where we will Practice whenever it is not raining, to further minimize risks. For classes that have an online option, there is no limit on remote attendees. Join us, however you choose!

The State requires students to bring their own mats and props. As I am no longer able to offer community props, I have cleaned them and am offering them bundled at a reduced price. A bolster, blanket, 2 blocks, a strap and eye pillow for $50. These items can also be purchased individually. Bolsters $30. Blankets $15. Set of 2 blocks. $15. Strap $5. Eye pillow $5. Please call me at (603) 833-1223 or via email Lanta@nourish.works to purchase and arrange pick up. I will also be placing a Hugger Mugger order mid-month if you prefer to buy new.

We have created a boutique in the office. It was born out of my desire to share the spirit of our community through mindful gifts, #nourishcommunity tanks and tees, and other products that support a yogic lifestyle. Vegan. Botanically based. Cruelty-free. Feel free to peruse one or two persons at a time.

So that about covers it.

I am so very grateful for your support during these unprecedented times.

Yours In Yoga,

P.S.To find up to date information on studio happenings, schedule changes and more, please subscribe to my Nourish News blog here.

I miss you.

I was just sitting with a cup of tea listening to a training for yoga businesses. There were a series of questions inquiring as to what I am passionate about, what makes me unique, what feels authentic to me, when am I the happiest in my business and what type of client have I loved working with in the past. I turned off the video and started writing this. Yes, this. To you.

I miss you.

If you are reading this and I have seen you via zoom this week, feel free to delete (or keep reading if you are a curious one…lol xo). If I haven’t seen you, can we talk about why? Before we do, I want to talk about where we are and what is next.

I closed the studio to live classes mid-March thinking we would re-open May 4. Then, it was pushed back to May 31. Now, I am looking to our future together and thinking that even if we were to open on June 1, it would be with a lot of protocol. Taking temperatures before allowing entrance. Limiting class size to allow for the suggested 6 feet distancing which would mean continuing online classes for the overflow, plus pre-registering for classes. Continued increased sanitation. Face masks. This is not the studio that I want to re-open.

So….back to, I miss you.

I’ll be honest. It was weird at first. We had tech difficulties. I had to engage Ron to help individuals figure it out. (He’s free FYI and glad to help!) It isn’t the same. It can be glitchy and it is so out of my control.

That said, as the days pass, I find myself looking forward to seeing the familiar faces of my students in the zoom windows. I have met spouses who are helping their partner get situated. I have met pets and been allowed a glimpse into the lives of my students. If the sound of that gives you agita, take a deep breath. Some students use the Zoom backgrounds and appear to be doing yoga in San Fransisco or on a tropical island. If it REALLY gives you agita, take another deep breath and know that you can turn the video off and still see me. No one will be able to see you! You are muted throughout the whole class so if you have dogs that bark at joggers or the mailman, kids wailing or family members banging around, you will not disturb anyone….and its a great time for you to practice unattachment and withdrawal of the senses. Win win.

So, what am I passionate about? Letting people know that yoga is for everyone! What makes me unique? My honesty and “real-ness”. When am I the happiest in my business? When my community is thriving (me included!) What types of clients do I love working with? Clients who seek to go deeper than just poses. Clients willing to be curious about the 8 fold path and themselves. Clients unafraid of self-inquiry. YOU!

I am beginning to think that things will not go back to “normal’ for awhile…maybe, never. Today, if you are missing your yoga community, missing your Practice, maybe even missing me, please consider trying the online class. What’s holding you back? If it is finances, we have the UNITY pass ($35 for 30 days unlimited classes) plus the two By Donation classes on M/W at 6pm. If it’s technology, I promise it’s not as hard as it seems and we are here to help. Caught up in the doldrum? Taking the first step is always the hardest. Just do it! Smiling faces are on the other side!

Go too www.zoom.us and download the app. Go to www.nourish.works. Under the Classes menu, choose Online Class Schedule. You can do everything from this page. Buy passes via the secure link. Make a donation (bottom right hand corner) via PayPal, Venmo or your debit or credit card. Some people mail in a monthly payment for classes even. To take the class, simply click on the class title in the schedule to be directed to the zoom meeting. The password is above the schedule in bold print. Arrive a few minutes early so the instructor can sign you in. If you have ANY problems, text me (603)833-1223 or email me lanta@nourish.works. I can walk you through or grab Ron to help. Aren’t I lucky to have him? (Yes. Yes, I am!)

I suppose I should return to my training. Ot maybe not. Everything I need is here. I hope to see you soon. If there is a shadow of a doubt, I miss you. 🙂





I am finding myself rather blue today which is in direct opposition to the magnificent day we are being met with. I am contemplating the weight of what it means to be a good leader. I read once that “a good leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” As I reflect on this, I feel the need to reach out.

I am so proud of how quickly we were able to pivot to online classes (really more to Ron’s credit than mine if we’re being honest). The studio experienced no loss of daily yoga offerings! I am so grateful for my instructors, who learned along side me (while social distancing!) how to offer our students the best classes that we are able under these trying circumstances. The UNITY pass was created, in supplement to the 2 By Donation classes to ensure that anyone who wanted to do yoga with us was able to do so. I really couldn’t be more pleased. We made it through month one.

Now, it is looking like we need to remain in this mode of operation for another month and it is time to be forthright. I feel strongly about the community embodied within the studio and am committed to doing everything I can to keep it afloat. That said, we are experiencing no small financial strain. I need your support. Please consider recommitting yourself to your practice and the studio. If you do not need the financial assistance, consider buying your traditional pass rather than the UNITY pass. If you have been staying away because you think you can’t figure out the technology, reach out and let us help you! Invite friends to meet you in a class. That accountability is so great! Buy a gift certificate for Mother’s Day. Or a t-shirt. Or both. Sign up to claim one of the remaining 2 spots for our Fall retreat.

When I named the studio, I just loved the definition of nourish.

  1. to supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth.
  2. to cherish, foster, keep alive
  3. to strengthen, build up or promote

I never dreamed that so soon after opening, I would be reaching out to ask you to nourish me. Nourish the studio. Nourish our community.

This makes me feel weak. It makes me feel vulnerable. I don’t like feeling this way, but I know that strength lies in allowing your heart to be open and your truth be known. So my truth….I know that yoga changes lives, just as mine is forever changed. I know that it is my joy to be on the path to enlightenment with you, my students. I know that together, we can keep Nourish alive and thriving.

Humbled and blessed to be in service,



Checking In.

We have been doing online classes for a few weeks now. I wanted to take a moment and see how we are doing. Some classes have been well attended and others not so much. The instructors leave their homes to come to the studio to lead classes. I want this effort to be of value to both you and them.

I have created a survey to determine how we can best meet your needs and enhance your experience. Please take a minute and fill out for me. I appreciate your time and value your opinion.




Stay at Home

Yesterday, the Governor issued a “stay at home” order and closed all nonessential businesses and extended remote learning until May 4. I may have cried. I didn’t know I had any attachments to how long we would continue in this way. In the back of my head, I was thinking through April, so why the tears?

I have been pondering this all evening into this morning. I think I am lonely. I am accustomed to entertaining often, having lunch with girlfriends, dates with my husband, 5 yoga classes a week with my students. I miss the closeness, the camaraderie, the community. How do we reclaim it?

Over the weekend, I hosted and attending a Trauma Aware Yoga Training and was amazed by the richness and intimacy that was possible through a zoom meeting. We shared. We cried. We practiced yoga. We learned. A community of teachers looking to serve those who have experienced trauma, which in my opinion, is everyone.

So, I return to you committed to serve. We now offer online yoga 7 days a week with 2 classes a day Mon-Thurs! Yoga by Donation continues on Mon and Wed at 6pm. And I am offering a FREE Healing Circle lead by my sister every Sunday at 7pm. These classes can all be accessed by going to the website www.nourish.works and under Classes, choose Online Class Schedule. From this page, you can purchase passes, make contributions for Yoga by Donation classes AND join a class by simply clicking on the title of the class. A few hints: Download the zoom app. When you enter a class, allow audio. It is your choice to start video and be seen, or not.

In the spirit of community, I remind you that the Nourish Facebook page is a great place to share your experiences with fellow yogis. Feel free to post reflections from practice, a picture from your day that inspires you, a yummy dish….anything! Also, if you have health goals that need further support, I have created another Facebook page called Live Your Best Life where I am sharing my journey of health and would welcome you to join me. Disclaimer: I do discuss Arbonne products that I use, but you are under no obligation to use or purchase anything to be a part of this page. I just recognize that with gyms closed, it is easy to fall into bad habits and I want to be your cheerleader in your best life. If you go for a run, share it. Want some inspo to get off the couch, share it. I am here for you!

So, this is how I aim to serve. You are not alone. We are in this together. Join me in nourishing our community.

So much love to you!



Happy Spring!

Last night, at 11:50pm, we experienced the vernal equinox; the end of winter. It marks the return of light and longer days. A new beginning. A time to clean out stagnant energy within ourselves and our home. It is also a new beginning of sorts at the studio as we navigate our classes virtually. I am pleased to say it is going well.

I want to assure you that we are here to support you! We have made it as simple as we can to “attend” classes. You just click on the class title in the online schedule. You can purchase your monthly passes on this same page. If you are attending Yoga by Donation, you have the choice to use an existing pass or contribute via the button you will see in the right side of the page. Ron has also offered to assist if you need someone to walk you through it. I can’t express how grateful I am for your support at this time!

While your schedule may be experiencing some slack, take this time to carve out moments of silence for reflection. This is a great time to reassess your new year’s resolution and recommit yourself to your endeavors with renewed vigor. Maybe take a walk. Tap into the creative energy that is returning. Invite the same energy you see bursting with life in the tender greens outside to take hold within you. What area of your home feels dusty (what area doesn’t if you have a wood stove, right?) and in need of attention? It’s a perfect time for Spring cleaning and organizing, but come to it as an act of love and devotion to yourself and the people you live with. We all want to live with ease and comfort. We all want peace of mind. Create this space with in your home and heart.

I should probably go and get ready for the day. I am teaching at 9. We are exploring the 5th niyama, surrender, and it has been a good reminder. I hope to see a few of your faces on my screen this morning.

Sending you so much love,



Coronavirus and stuff….

So yesterday, I made the decision to suspend live classes at the studio. This isn’t going to be a coronavirus post because I am tired of discussing it and thinking about it and worrying about it. This post is a love letter of sorts.

Yesterday, we had 3 students in the 9am class and 2 in the 6pm class. Even though I hadn’t made the call, my students were making best choices for themselves by staying away and I applaud that. Last night, I realized that I didn’t have an opportunity to say “see you later”. I didn’t get to tell my students how much I enjoy them. How important they are to me. How grateful I am for them. I didn’t get to tell them that I am often overwhelmed with love for them as I look out over a room in repose in savasana. I didn’t get to tell them how much I will miss them. And I will.

This week, we are discussing the 5th Niyama, ishvara pranidhana which translates as bowing/surrender or recognizing the source (within as well as around you). Can you believe that it timed out that way? There are no coincidences!!! This niyama invites us to surrender the energy and the effort of our actions to this higher consciousness. To the greater good. Also surrender our suffering. The fear, resistance, doubt, anxiety, resentment that might be coming up right now. Lay it down. Surrender it and devote this time of social distancing to the greater good.

So, I embrace my own advice as I surrender my fear of technology. I am trying to wholly embrace this new world and am excited to see how we evolve as a community with it. I am thrilled that friends and family far away may be able to join me in class. I have to be honest, I would never have made this leap to online classes with out this virus, although my brother told me it would be a great idea and expand my base…..last year! Old dogs. lol

Please feel free to communicate with me. Here. Via email. On Facebook. If you need some support or a private class, let’s see what we can set up virtually. This is a whole new world and I stepping in to it with an open mind and an open heart. Until I see you again, know that I am sending you so much love.