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SEPTEMBER 25-27, 2020 I believe that women heal each other when they come together…in so many ways…via conversation, mindful listening, shared experience, laughter, and tears. It is my goal to create a space to allow for this. I have booked the Dragonfly Yoga Barn and Retreat Center in North Sandwich, NH to host my next retreat! Nestled among 30 acres… Read more →

Sophie Counsil

A dancer since childhood, Sophie has a unique history in performing arts. She has a 9 year career in professional bellydance throughout the Northeast, performing with various troupes as performer, co-leader and leader. Trained primarily in Fusion Bellydance, she also trained in American Tribal Style, and Egyptian Cabaret. Sophie’s expansion into burlesque began in 2014, and has been performing her own… Read more →

Schedule Week of 5/5-5/11

What a week I’ve just had! Still processing all of it, from my show to hosting my friend, Erin Byron, to the workshop to extra classes I taught. I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to share yoga and movement! This week, at Peace Tree Yoga, I will be sharing the story of the pose, Natarajasana, the Lord of… Read more →


Sometimes, I get on here and write until something meaningful emerges…I hope. Today, I have something I am reflecting on and I am finding the words hard to come by. I went to my aerial class last night and we worked on the silks for a while. I am still working on the cross back straddle and opposite side climbs,… Read more →

Schedule for Week of 2/26-3/4

I am returned from North Dakota and so grateful to be back to my family, my routine, and to my teaching. I am also pleased to share that Steven of White Mountain Essence will be returning to the the Bow Lake Grange Hall for another sound healing session this Wednesday from 7-7:30pm. Don’t miss this profound experience. Bring extra pillows… Read more →

Light Your Fire!

The third niyamas is tapas or effort/discipline. It is translated as “to generate light or heat”. It inspires a practice of self-discipline to cultivate our will power. Like all of the yamas and niyamas, the application for tapas is endless. We can use this will power to draw us back to our intention again and again. It can fuel the fire which keeps us constant in our… Read more →