Chakra Series

We are so pleased that Sheri McSheehy LMT, Reiki Master/Teacher is offering this Chakra series on the 3rd Friday of the month, March – September.

  • March 20th-root chakra
  • April 17th–    sacral chakra
  • May 15th–       solar plexus
  • June 19th–      heart chakra
  • July 17th–      throat chakra
  • August 21st-third eye chakra
  • Sept 18th–      crown chakra

In this series of classes you will discover the hidden forces within you – “the human energy system”. We will study :
• the chakra functions of the physical, emotional and mental bodies.
• Healing, influences & how to access the chakras
• Meditations/affirmations
• Auras
• Color/crystals/stone healing
• Sound healing
Through meditations, group discussions and journaling you will find and access your body’s inner wisdom.
Energy exchange:$30 per class or $180 for all 7 sessions
Sign up at here.