Cherie Bartlett

RYT200 (she/hers)

Cherie first began practicing yoga in 2008.  Her doctor recommended yoga as a way of alleviating her aches and pains from her passion for running.  Not convinced, she reluctantly went to her first class and quickly realized that her yoga practice would transform into a way of life for her and her community, both physically and spiritually.   

Led with compassion, her classes are a combination of creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and laughter to encourage individuality, compassion, self-love, and radical self-acceptance in her students.  Her hope is that her students take what they learn on the mat, off the mat into their daily lives for an inner sense of peace and joyfulness.

Cherie’s intention is to make yoga accessible for all; to pass along the benefits yoga has gifted to her, just as her teachers and mentors did for herself. Cherie, RYT200, is an independent yoga instructor and resident of Strafford N.H. where she lives with her husband and feline fur babies.