Chrysalis Day 10

I have had a wonderful morning. Coffee in the hot tub. Taught yoga with a theme of looking at absolutes and where rigid belief systems get in our way. Came home. Ate a hard boiled egg and did my aerial conditioning exercises. My abs are still pretty trashed, so the egg turned into hanging knee ups ~ 3 sets of 5. Feel stronger in the figure 8 foot lock and worked on “bow and arrow”. Content with today. I love doing straddle ups. Burlesque lessons are in my future. 😉

The biggest thing that I am reflecting on this morning is just how easy it is to crawl up your own ass and get lost there. Lol A little crass, I know, but seriously….I wanted to lose weight, I want to be fit, I want to share my message as I unravel how sexual assault and food issues have shaped my behavior and my life. This is all well and good, but it can get a little singular. More important than if I have a tight, lifted booty is the connection I make with fellow human beings. More important that staying under my caloric limit is the connection I make with my husband and children. I am reminded to go inward, but do so in order to reflect outwardly with humility and grace. So, the rest of my day is about cleaning my house and cooking in preparation for family friends coming for dinner and doing these tasks with joy.

Wishing you joy in all that you do today.


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