Chrysalis Day 8 I did it!

I skipped yesterday. There wasn’t much to say. My class didn’t begin until 8pm and I spent the day in the throes of mild anxiety attacks. What if I couldn’t do it and other doubts filled my head. How embarrassing to start a blog about learning to aerial dance and not even be able to get up on the silks!

I did become present to a few truths though via conversing with friends. I need to really evaluate my relationship with food because it is starting to look a lot like an eating disorder complete with a waves of disgust at the thought or smell of food. I know this is a remnant from my teen years and I am taking measures to address it, but wow! I had no idea it could rear it’s head after 30 years. A little taken aback, but ready to do the soul work necessary to heal. Had a deep heart to heart with my husband and defined clearly what I want from my body and what I want it to look like. He was also feeling a little concerned about me. No more weight loss. Time to build a booty and stronger legs, arms and core. So glad that I have joined the gym to support me in this!

So, moving on…I did it. I attended my first class!! It was awesome. So different from the aerial yoga! The instructor, Alex, was welcoming and patient. She knew about my birthday goal and said that we could get there! Fellow classmates with more experience offered to take pictures for me which I have added below. I left feeling confident and excited. I was stronger in some ways than I expected and need to improve in others…mainly building stamina and core to lift my knees. I have a list of conditioning exercises and I am going to make a schedule up once I have a minute. It is a busy day with teaching two classes and a hair client.

The good news is I feel grounded and positive today and for that I am grateful! Happy Wednesday!

Much love.


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