I am having a great week!

Alexandra Poulis, owner of FierceFitNH and my aerial dance instructor, designed a 6 week aerial conditioning program for me. 4 workouts a week. I am doing them Thurs-Sun, with double yoga classes on Mon and Wed and my aerial class on Tues evening. Trying to spread it out to prevent fatigue. I started the first workout yesterday and it felt good. I like discipline and routine. Having a plan.

My trip to New York seems to have broken the food aversion (although I lost my “love” necklace). Just getting out of the mindset or even out of the habit of having the fear of feeling that way when I opened the fridge seems to have done me good. My weight is maintaining. Not losing or gaining and I am beginning to settle into my new shape. What an interesting phenomenon to lose weight and feel so foreign to oneself while also feeling excited about it. I love having a BMI finally in “normal” range. I am excited to become stronger and more proficient. I am starting to daydream about sparkly leotards and what music I might dance to. I find myself wondering if any local ladies of “a certain age” would want to join me in forming a burlesque group. Not necessarily to perform publicly, but to just express ourselves as sensual beings. I find I am lonely- desperately so. I want a posse willing to stretch as I am stretching. Willing to be uncomfortable as I am uncomfortable. Willing to support each other in these discussions and in evolution.

How does one even go about finding these women in Strafford, NH? Sigh…

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