Class Descriptions

All bodies can do yoga and our instructors are committed to making all students feel welcome and at ease. These descriptions offer a idea of what to expect in a class, but allow for the possibility to be pleasantly surprised.

Classical Yoga with Lanta

This hatha yoga class begins with a brief sharing of yoga philosophy which is interwoven throughout the class, allowing the student to understand the holistic science of yoga and bring this awareness into their everyday lives. Through the combination of asana and pranayama, we prepare the body for the deeper spiritual practice of meditation.

Gentle Yoga Flow with Brenna

This vinyasa class is held at a slower pace. Students will combine breath while gently flowing through sun salutations and standing poses.  Some balance, passive stretching, and strength building will be integrated to invite a sense of well-being.

All Levels Vinyasa Flow with Kaitlin/Cathy

This class is suitable for all levels and is an energizing flow giving you a powerful start to your day.  Modifications will be given and explicit instruction, so even those with little to no yoga experience can participate, alongside others who may take advantage of more advanced instruction.  Uplifting music will accompany the practice, with a gentle savasana at the end.

Power Vinyasa with Cathy

For those who have some experience with basic yoga poses, but desire more of a cardio workout to kick off their day.   Participants should be comfortable modifying the flow to suit their own needs, and be able to understand basic poses with minimal explanation.  Uplifting music will be used to enhance the practice, with a gentle savasana at the end.

Gravity Yoga with Chelsea

This class offers a mat-based, targeted mobility training method that helps students with stiff backs, locked up hips, and tight hamstrings. You’ll learn how to utilize the science of passive stretching, combined with 4:8 breathing to effectively change your body, improve posture, and increase range of motion. Great for athletes, and people looking to move more easily! There is no yoga experience necessary. All levels welcome.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Brenna

This class offers a powerful style of asana. There are multiple “series” in the Ashtanga method. Within each series, we practice the same postures every time, including standing, seated, balancing, and inverted poses. Expect to focus on breath, alignment, and refinement. All levels welcome, some experience suggested, modifications always offered.

Yoga by Donation with Lanta

This class harnesses the energy of the community. There are no set fees. Pay what you are able or use an already existing monthly pass. Your choice! All levels are welcome.

Classical Yoga Flow with Sheila

 This gentle form of Hatha Yoga is accessible to all.  Although Yoga is best known for its postures, this is only a small part of Yoga. By applying awareness to our practice of postures, Yoga becomes more than just physical exercise. It becomes a process of personal growth and self-discovery. By making Yoga philosophy applicable to real life in today’s world, students leave class with an effective understanding of what it means to be healthy, to relax, to live in the full awareness of each moment and to fully enjoy their lives.

YOGABODY® Trapeze with Chelsea

Take your yoga practice to new levels with the Yoga Body Trapeze®. This fun new practice will allow you to deepen into familiar asanas while also toning and strengthening through new poses as well. The inversion aspect of this class allows a unique relaxation in a suspended atmosphere. You can lengthen using gravity as a tool to help ease back pain and strengthen the body. The slings and straps bring the floor to you as you start with a familiar warm up, move through some conditioning and a fun flow to end in a relaxing unique floating savasana.

Family Yoga with Cathy

Join Cathy the first Friday of each month at 6pm from the comfort of your own home. This class is a perfect way for families to connect and practice yoga together.  Adults may include kids of any age, though the practice will be geared for children ages 5 to 9.  The focus will be on bringing basic knowledge of yoga and its benefits to all, while allowing for lots of laughs and family bonding. 

Meditation Circle with Kim

 Join Kimberly Corey Ed.D. , the second Friday of every month at 6pm, in a healing circle for a guided meditation supported by essential oils, energy release, and visualization. Relax on your mat and work through a process that can help you let go of a bad day, bad week, or start to release pieces of a situation or event that drag your energy down. Healing is part of our journey and is a process that we all work through at different paces and to different degrees. Join the group for guidance and support and “be brave enough to heal yourself even when it hurts.” –(Sparacino). 

Yin Yoga with Lois

Join Lois the last Friday of every month at 6pm for Yin Yoga. Poses (with modifications where needed) are held for 3-5 minutes with 2 min. of rest in between. This allows the deep connective tissue, fascia and joints to slowly lengthen, enhancing flexibility. Blood flow is increased and the heart slows, reducing stress. Poses are seated or reclined and props are not necessary. However, a cushion and a block (or a thick book) can give support where needed. Yin works best with a cool body, so no need to warm up and stretch prior to the class. As time and gravity work on the tissues, the mind and body come into a meditative state, leaving you feeling open and relaxed, with a greater sense of well-being.