Class Descriptions

Classical Yoga

This class begins with a brief sharing of yoga philosophy which is then interwoven throughout the class, allowing the student to understand the holistic science of yoga and bring this awareness into their everyday lives. All levels of experience welcome.

Kundalini Yoga

Each Kundalini yoga class consists of pranayama (breath work), warm-ups (to loosen up the spine), and a Kundalini kriya (a series of exercises designed to achieve a specific result), and ends with a meditation using mantra, mudra, and breathing techniques. All levels of experience welcome.

Gentle Yoga Flow

This class is held at a slower pace to be accessible to all levels. Students will combine breath while gently flowing through sun salutations and standing poses.  Some balance, passive stretching, and strength building will be integrated to invite a sense of well-being.

Vinyasa Flow

This all levels class harnesses the energizing practice of breath lead movement. Options are made available for both deeper exploration and gentler variations of postures to meet the student’s needs.

Power & Peace

This end of day class begins with a powerful vinyasa flow to release stress and tension, and then slows down to invite mindfulness and peace.

Restorative Yoga

This class is a sequence of fully seated/reclined postures designed to help your body relax and meditate more deeply. Props are amply used, and no effort is necessary as the body opens with passive stretching. This is a great complement to an active lifestyle, fitness routine or to release everyday stressors.

Yoga For Kids Ages 6-8

This class offers young yogis a chance to be empowered through movement, mindfulness, conversation, and relaxation. Each class provides a safe space where students can open up about topics such as self-love, respect, peace, confidence, healthy living, and any other topics that organically develop. During class, kids will explore these theories through engaging activities such as stories, games, arts/crafts, journaling and more! 

*Bring a snack, water, your favorite comfort item (stuffed animal, blanket, ect.), and yoga mat (optional) 

Yoga For Teens

Yoga offers teens a variety of techniques for approaching the unique challenges they’re faced with everyday. It is not uncommon for teens to experience daily feelings of insecurity about their changing bodies, the enormous pressure to fit in, busy schedules, social media, bullying, and uncertainty about their beliefs and their futures. Adding a yoga practice to their daily lives can open teens up to discovering ways to stay fit and healthy through stress management, weight management, building strength, and by improving body image, breathing, balance, mood, and concentration. Each class provides conversation, connection, journaling, postures, games, and so much more!