Coronavirus and stuff….

So yesterday, I made the decision to suspend live classes at the studio. This isn’t going to be a coronavirus post because I am tired of discussing it and thinking about it and worrying about it. This post is a love letter of sorts.

Yesterday, we had 3 students in the 9am class and 2 in the 6pm class. Even though I hadn’t made the call, my students were making best choices for themselves by staying away and I applaud that. Last night, I realized that I didn’t have an opportunity to say “see you later”. I didn’t get to tell my students how much I enjoy them. How important they are to me. How grateful I am for them. I didn’t get to tell them that I am often overwhelmed with love for them as I look out over a room in repose in savasana. I didn’t get to tell them how much I will miss them. And I will.

This week, we are discussing the 5th Niyama, ishvara pranidhana which translates as bowing/surrender or recognizing the source (within as well as around you). Can you believe that it timed out that way? There are no coincidences!!! This niyama invites us to surrender the energy and the effort of our actions to this higher consciousness. To the greater good. Also surrender our suffering. The fear, resistance, doubt, anxiety, resentment that might be coming up right now. Lay it down. Surrender it and devote this time of social distancing to the greater good.

So, I embrace my own advice as I surrender my fear of technology. I am trying to wholly embrace this new world and am excited to see how we evolve as a community with it. I am thrilled that friends and family far away may be able to join me in class. I have to be honest, I would never have made this leap to online classes with out this virus, although my brother told me it would be a great idea and expand my base…..last year! Old dogs. lol

Please feel free to communicate with me. Here. Via email. On Facebook. If you need some support or a private class, let’s see what we can set up virtually. This is a whole new world and I stepping in to it with an open mind and an open heart. Until I see you again, know that I am sending you so much love.