Day 4

Today feels like a better day.

I began with a new Yoga Therapy client which fills me with joy and gratitude. I am so blessed to be able to do this meaningful work!

I also fueled with a little more protein and as a result, I don’t feel as flighty. Mental note to remember this. I did my 30 second hang with 8 pull ups- twice! Becuz….hell yeah!  I did a wall stand for 1 minute. I did the aerial conditioning set that I had linked previously (ouch…what are those little muscles on the top of my thighs that charley horse anyway??) and then, I just stretched and played on the mat. It’s so interesting to take the time to play with my body…to see how my flexibility has improved and my shoulders are strengthening. I was able to do chaturanga today. It has been almost 9 months since I have been able to do it. I did not transition to upward facing dog because that is how I injured it initially, but I was glad to see improvement and equally proud to be listening to my body.

Getting so excited for Tuesday! Why does it still feel so far away?

And to my friends that are reading this…..what are you doing to live your dreams? No matter how small or large the imagining. Face that scared person. That shy person. That person filled with self-loathing.That sad person. Even the angry one or the one that is lonely. Wrap that person in love and get on with your shit!


3 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. The angry, sad, self-loather returned in late summer and does not want to leave. I do not like this person. Um, did I mention self-loather?! I battle with her throughout each day. Have had a couple of minor wins, less than I seek, but better than none. I guess I am grateful that I am aware, and trying.

    1. Irene, I hear you and it makes me so sad that you are feeling this way. You are such a remarkable, strong and vibrant woman! And I think every day that you wake up and share your light with the world, it is a win.❤️

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