Day 6

Thinking a lot about surrender today. About the strength that it takes to sit in discomfort and know that you will come out the other side stronger, more distinctly you. I am continuing to feel a little flighty, but Ron thinks there is a virus running through the house and that may explain this sort or airy, almost dizzy sensation I am experiencing. Just starting my period probably plays a role in that as well (sorry if TMI…there will probably continue to be …FYI). It continues to trigger this fear though that I need to eat more, but if I eat more I will gain weight and I want to be losing weight and the cycle continues….deep breath. Sit in discomfort.

So, I taught yoga this morning. I kept it gentle and mindful. It is so good to get out of my head and just be. I joined Anytime Fitness after class because I really want to start strength training and working on pull-ups. By working on, I mean achieve a single one…because I never have! lol

I have had a hearty lunch and am going to take a nap! Yoga again this evening and then just 24 hours until my first class. Counting down….

Back to the nutrition…has anyone ever experienced this? Any suggestions on performance eating? Thank you in advance.

Love to you


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