DIY Herbal Gifts Part 1 & 2

PART 1: Oil Infusing! November 24 4-6pm

Fall is the perfect time to infuse oils.  The harvest is over, herbs have been grown, collected and dried, and our skin is thirsty!  If you’re like me- winter coming= VERY DRY SKIN.  Infused oils can be used for a variety of things; straight up as a massage or body oil, salves, and my personal- making lotion!  We will discuss yummy herbs to use for a variety of ailments, what oils work best with your skin type, and go over both the long and short ways of making an infusion.  In addition, since it’s the holidays, we will make some quick culinary infused oils to gift to your foodie friends, or hog for yourself!~Alyssa

Class cost: $25 and includes oil and herbs and a handout.  Please bring 2 jars (pint size is great, some will be available for $1 each) to take home your infusions! Sign up here.

PART 2: Herbal Infused Salves and Lotions! December 15 4-6pm

Come explore how to make custom salves and lotions, designed by you for you or someone you love!  Every ingredient of lotion can be unique and herbally infused to truly feed your skin what it deserves.  We will discuss all the ingredients that can be used to craft deliciously silky, medicinal balms and creams.  We will go over locally sourcing ingredients, essential oils and where to get them, and make a salve and a cream for everyone to take home and enjoy.  

Class Cost: $30 and includes all materials required for lotion alchemy, take home samples, and a handout.  Some ingredients may be available for additional purchase! Sign up here.