Do No Harm.

How did it feel to be more mindful yesterday?

We’re going to continue with that idea of mindfulness and move onto the 8-fold path. If you have been in one of my classes and you have heard me talk about this ALOT, you may be thinking “Really, Lanta! Again?” YES! Again and again! I believe it is the way to peace.

To begin, I am going to remind you that yoga is an 8-fold path. The 8 folds are :

  1. Yamas-restraints of negative behaviors, ethical standards
  2. Niyamas- self-discipline, virtues
  3. Asana-physical poses
  4. Pranayama-breath or prana control
  5. Pratayahara-withdrawal of senses
  6. Dharana-concentration
  7. Dhyana-meditation
  8. Samahdi-bliss, Self-realization

Today, we discuss the first of the 5 yamas, ahimsa or non harming. It asks you to reflect upon ways in which you cause harm to yourself and others through thought, word and deed.

At first this seems quite simple, but as you dig deeper you may be surprised by what you discover. It is likely that the harm you cause is inflicted more upon yourself than others. We harm ourselves with worry, with self-doubt and with self criticism. Maybe we are just thoughtless with our words and not mindful of how they affect others.

Take some time today to observe yourself and reflect upon this. Can you cultivate more mindfulness and put a halt to the negative self talk? Can you begin to put yourself in another’s shoes and perhaps be more compassionate? Notice your driving practices.

So much love to you as you explore!


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