• Transform Your Work Through Karma Yoga
    Work is a large and necessary part of our lives, but for many, it can be a source of stress, suffering and feeling unfulfilled. In this workshop, led by instructor Lanta Totten, learn how to transform your relationship with the work you do~ as a homemaker or a person in the work force. Karma Yoga is the “Yoga of action”. It is also the “Yoga of selfless service”. Harness these lessons to cultivate a new perspective. Allow your work to become a path for fulfillment and purpose. Wear comfortable clothes, as we will combine theory, breath work, and yoga poses to engage personal transformation. No yoga experience necessary. March 26 2-4pm $25 Peace Tree Yoga Northwood, NH Contact the studio to reserve your space for this workshop.
  • 8 Steps to Freedom: Yoga Therapy for Stress and Anxiety
    I am so excited to host Erin Byron at the Bow Lake Grange Hall. Thursday, Oct 27 6-8pm $30 Bring your mat and a friend. All levels welcome! This is going to be great evening!
  • Eating With Intention
      Redefine your relationship with food.  Join me at Peace Tree Yoga in Northwood, NH  to explore your habits and views around what we consume.  Observe your “whys” and “hows”.  Learn to nourish your senses.  Design a personalized plan to set you on a journey of mindfulness and ease in your relationship with food. Date: Sunday, September 18th Time: 11:00am -2:00pm Cost: $35.  A light vegetarian lunch will be served. Contact the studio at to register!  
  • Support Emotional Health with Essential Oils
    Do you ever wish you felt more relaxed or more energized? That you could move through your life with a greater sense of ease? Join us in learning about 4 essential oils that can support and provide harmony in your life. Create and take home your very own specialized lotion or oil to make part of your daily ritual. Receive information that will help with management of moods and emotions! Heather Jones is a licensed massage therapist, registered yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner and aromatherapist. She brings her skills and understanding of these ancient healings to her clients at Cabana Hair Salon. Contact to reserve your spot! JUST FOR FUN! Join the forum at under BUILD COMMUNITY. Log in your self massage for 21 days and receive an ...
  • Fearless Fermenting
    Fearless Fermenting: Salting Vegetables April 26 6-8 $25 Learn to harness the power of salt and time to make probiotic-rich and delicious fermented vegetables. In this class, you will get to taste samples of kraut, kimchi, and fermented carrots. You’ll learn how lacto-fermentation works and the exact steps to make them turn out crunchy and safe every time. You will also get hands on experience preparing jars of vegetables for confident fermenting at home. We will only be using fresh vegetables, fruit and salt—there will be no gluten or dairy. Please bring a knife, a grater and a large mixing bowl if possible. It is helpful but not required, to bring two quart-size, wide-mouth mason jars. You will take home jars of food ready to ...