Exalted and beloved.

2019 is coming in to me like an ecstatic tidal wave! I attended a New Year’s Workshop “Soul Destiny” with Ruth at Peace Tree Yoga where I got really clear about where I was heading and why. I hosted my first Ladies’ Nite burlesque class and it was sold out! I flew out to LA and spent two days immersed in devotional meditation and breath work with some jaw dropping inspiring women, creating a communion of sacred feminine and masculine within myself. I knelt at the altar of my own divinity and found myself beloved. I returned home exalted and ready to share.

This week continues to support my heart’s longing. I kicked off my first Aerial Conditioning class with 7 students ready to develop the strength, endurance and flexibility needed to feel like circus stars! My students were all smiling when they departed, so I think they left feeling accomplished! Yay!

Sophie, my Danger Tits Burlesque co-conspirator, and I have been meeting weekly to work out the choreography for our next show (April 27) and on Sunday, Feb 3, we begin our Performance Class. If you are thinking this sounds fun, but……(fill in the reason why you can’t do it), I implore you to follow that first response which was YES! This troupe was formed as a way to empower and support you in expressing your best self! We do not care about age, size or dance experience! Bring your desire to have fun, let go of negative self talk and ignite your imagination. The rest will fall into place! I am attaching the Performance Class Contract which outlines all the details. We are looking for at least 4 women to round out our troupe. Are you ready to feel dangerous?

So much love,



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