Get to Work!

It has been a little over a week since my procedure and I am pleased to say that I am feeling great! It was very cathartic to be healing physically while healing emotionally. It allowed me to tap in to things I may have otherwise avoided and that is always a good thing…even if it feels undesirable at the time.

This blog was born out of my desire to learn aerial dance and to chronicle that journey, but it has become so much more. Whenever one begins to express themselves authentically, they are baring a part of themselves to the world. With that in mind, I am unhappy to report that my aerial dance class was really challenging and frustrating this week as I had lost ground in my time away. I am also up 3 lbs. and trying not to head down that rabbit hole. I did do my weight training this week and am scheduled for a private pilates class next Monday. Ultimately, I am left with the feeling that I need to re-commit myself and prioritize this training. Currently, I don’t get to the gym more than once a week. I blame it on my clients, yoga and hair alike, but the truth is I am going to have to dig deep to make the time I need. I need to get there 3x a week and do daily conditioning on my silks if I want to accomplish my goal of an aerial performance on my 50th birthday. It is time to stop making excuses and make this a priority. My goal for next week is to block this time out on my calendar and do it! Anyone want to set a goal and be my accountability buddy?

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