Happy New Year!

 As 2020 comes to a close, I find myself rejecting the idea of offering a cleanse, a yoga challenge, or anything that feeds into belief systems that we need to do more to be worthy. I’ve questioned myself. Just because I am feeling this way doesn’t mean I don’t have a business to run. It’s challenging enough during a pandemic, but I hold fast I will not pander to that way of thinking any longer. It isn’t the truth of my experience right now. It is the voice of consumerism and frankly, I’m just not interested any longer in feeding that wolf.

So, what do I have to offer… consistency, community, and my wide open heart that lives to serve the members of this studio. Plus these:

Skill in Action virtual book club begins Sunday.  I have chosen Skill in Action: Radicalizing Your Yoga Practice to Create a Just World by Michelle Johnson as our inaugural book for a continued journey of self inquiry and personal growth. This book asks readers to explore the deeply transformational practice of yoga, and become social change agents so that they can create a world that is just for all.   It explores liberation for ourselves and others, while asking us to engage in our own agency, whether that manifests as activism, volunteer work, or changing our relationships with others and ourselves. The book club will meet for 5 consecutive Sundays beginning Jan 3 and ending Jan 31. We will meet via zoom at 4pm. The cost to participate is $25. I have 9 books available in the boutique for $15 if you do not already own it. I am so excited to begin this journey with you! Sign up here.

2021 Vision Board Party Sunday Jan 10th 1-3pm Join us for an afternoon of crafting….crafting your dreams and desires through images that inspire and motivate you…to an upbeat soundtrack and in the company of fellow dream-weavers. Begin the new year with intention and clarity. Only 5 spots still available so sign up now.$35
**there are take home kits available for $25. You can pick up your kit in advance (foam board, glue stick, scissors, 10 magazines) and then join our party via zoom to participate from the safety of your own home. Contact Lanta@nourish.works to reserve your kit.**

Sheri returns on Jan 15th 6-8pm for the last in her chakra series. The crown chakra connects us with the heights of spirituality. It connects us with our divinity which is the source of healing in the human energy system. The chakras act as a path to love, healing, and spirituality from the base of the root chakra, which anchors us in life, to the more refined spiritual energy of the crown. Join us to discover the beauty of enlightenment and spiritual insights. Learn how to ease physical and emotional pain by understanding and balancing the crown chakra. Only 2 spots left. Sign up here.

Jess and I are also in discussion about what offerings we’ll bring forth in 2021 together. But for now, I offer you simplicity. I invite you to look at the ways you’ve grown through this years challenges. What habits have developed. If you examine your thoughts about these habits. What voice is speaking to you. Your true nature? Your conditioned self? 

I welcome you sharing your thoughts about this with me so that I can shape offerings that are meaningful to you. I invite you to love yourself. To liberate yourself from external voices that distract you from your divine nature. May 2021 be a year of liberation and unity as our creativity flows through us.

Yours in Yoga,


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  1. I love this, that you are following your heart, your core to offer what speaks to you and the community over commercialism. Thank you.

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