Happy Spring!

Last night, at 11:50pm, we experienced the vernal equinox; the end of winter. It marks the return of light and longer days. A new beginning. A time to clean out stagnant energy within ourselves and our home. It is also a new beginning of sorts at the studio as we navigate our classes virtually. I am pleased to say it is going well.

I want to assure you that we are here to support you! We have made it as simple as we can to “attend” classes. You just click on the class title in the online schedule. You can purchase your monthly passes on this same page. If you are attending Yoga by Donation, you have the choice to use an existing pass or contribute via the button you will see in the right side of the page. Ron has also offered to assist if you need someone to walk you through it. I can’t express how grateful I am for your support at this time!

While your schedule may be experiencing some slack, take this time to carve out moments of silence for reflection. This is a great time to reassess your new year’s resolution and recommit yourself to your endeavors with renewed vigor. Maybe take a walk. Tap into the creative energy that is returning. Invite the same energy you see bursting with life in the tender greens outside to take hold within you. What area of your home feels dusty (what area doesn’t if you have a wood stove, right?) and in need of attention? It’s a perfect time for Spring cleaning and organizing, but come to it as an act of love and devotion to yourself and the people you live with. We all want to live with ease and comfort. We all want peace of mind. Create this space with in your home and heart.

I should probably go and get ready for the day. I am teaching at 9. We are exploring the 5th niyama, surrender, and it has been a good reminder. I hope to see a few of your faces on my screen this morning.

Sending you so much love,