Healing Streams.

A heart- replenishing immersion for difficult times.

Join us to receive nourishing support for yourself while we all help India heal. 
Our afternoon workshop will offer many healing streams including breath, movement. guided relaxation, sound, and intuitive support. 
Lisa Rockenmacher will guide a movement practice for all levels to open the physical and energy bodies in order to let ourselves feel the flow of sensation in our beings. This gentle practice can be done either standing or seated (chairs will be available). Our movement will be followed by a guided relaxation where we will “travel” to India and follow the path of the Ganges. After relaxation, we will offer our blessings and prayers with a Sanskrit mantra invoking the well-being for all beings. A candle ceremony will close our time together.
Meredith Cooley will offer individualized heart-centered intuitive insights to each interested participant. During our relaxation and chanting, Meredith will silently “tune-in” to any particular question that you write down on the card she provides and respond with insights you can take home with you. 
Tea will be served and you’ll receive a gift bag, too! Gift bag includes organic rose glycerine and bentonite face mask and a coupon for a discounted, follow-up intuitive session with Meredith. 

All monies collected will be donated to India’s Hemkunt foundation to provide much-needed oxygen cylinders. Sign up here to attend in person. Unable to attend? You can donate here noting INDIA.

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