Hilary Crowley

Author of The Power of Energy Medicine. Natural Health Intuitive.

“In the demands of life, I find it essential to find a home away from home. Nourish: BodyMind Soul is a special place honoring, more than ever, the guidelines of health regulations, and embracing the social justice movement against bigotry in the name of wellness. A safe place to call “home” offers online options, encourages moderation in physical practices, and provides authentic compassion for each of us. I found all of this at Nourish! And like a true home, I feel welcome in many roles: student, teacher, friend, and supporter.” ~Hilary

 Hilary came to offer her workshop, You are Intuitive. Be Your Own Expert in October 2020 and I was amazed by the process she shared to access and trust your own knowing. This workshop has enhanced the way I teach yoga and move in the world. I lean in to my own depths and align myself with the truth revealed there. No one was more thrilled than I when she offered to lead monthly intuition circles! Her calm demeanor and sense of humor sets you at ease while her knowledge is revealed with great humility and compassion. Hilary is a delight!

I am so happy to announce that you can now access this very same workshop, The Power of Intuition, online at www.hilarycrowley.com. The Power of Intuition is an online class delving into the authentic and life-changing power of inner wisdom. Intuition is about safety, health, and thriving in your life. It’s a skill not a gift. And it’s a skill that needs permission and practice to get stronger every day. Reclaim and grow your intuition to improve every part of your life.

Through our mutual admiration and in the spirit of collaboration, Hilary is offering Nourish students $20 OFF when you enter the code nourish at check out.

I sincerely hope you will take advantage of this discounted rate and that you will feel the positive impact of this offering!