Homework for the last week of November

For those who took on my homework this week:

Further contemplating Sutra II:42 “By contentment, supreme joy is gained.”

I invite my students to check in at various times throughout this week and just acknowledge what they are experiencing without labelling it as good or bad, holding an awareness that they are cultivating contentment or acceptance of what is.

Secondly, I began to ponder what gets in the way of our experience of contentment? I can up with these three culprits:

~The Qualifier. Those thoughts that think “If I had ________________, then I could be or feel or have ____________________________. ” Why can’t you have it now? Why are you qualifying when you deserve to feel good?

~ The Predictor. Those thoughts that predict your belief of failure which in turn, prevents you from taking on new things or doing something you want to do. “I can’t ______________ or I’m not good at _____________”. Why would you limit yourself by allowing thoughts like this? You can enjoy painting with full knowledge you will never be Monet.

~The Fixer (aka The Judge) Those thoughts that think “If he/she didn’t ________________, then he/she would _______________________.”  If he/she were able to solve their problems so easily, they most certainly would, but it is none of our business either way. Extend compassion. They have a right to show up as they are and be met with loving kindness. YOU have a right to show up as you are and be met with loving kindness.

I am sure there are many other Contentment Stealers, but these are the ones that came to mind. This week, when you observe them in your thoughts, tell them NO. They are liars. You have a right to bliss no matter what. You have a right to own your experience in all its fullness and be ok with that. So does every other person. Nothing needs to change for you to have a right to this, but your willingness to embrace life and it’s occupants as it is.

I would love to hear your thoughts or experiences if you would like to share here.

Yours in Yoga,


3 thoughts on “Homework for the last week of November

  1. Thanks Lanta! Printed out and in my planner to contemplate daily. I love having stuff like this to think about!

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