I miss you.

I was just sitting with a cup of tea listening to a training for yoga businesses. There were a series of questions inquiring as to what I am passionate about, what makes me unique, what feels authentic to me, when am I the happiest in my business and what type of client have I loved working with in the past. I turned off the video and started writing this. Yes, this. To you.

I miss you.

If you are reading this and I have seen you via zoom this week, feel free to delete (or keep reading if you are a curious one…lol xo). If I haven’t seen you, can we talk about why? Before we do, I want to talk about where we are and what is next.

I closed the studio to live classes mid-March thinking we would re-open May 4. Then, it was pushed back to May 31. Now, I am looking to our future together and thinking that even if we were to open on June 1, it would be with a lot of protocol. Taking temperatures before allowing entrance. Limiting class size to allow for the suggested 6 feet distancing which would mean continuing online classes for the overflow, plus pre-registering for classes. Continued increased sanitation. Face masks. This is not the studio that I want to re-open.

So….back to, I miss you.

I’ll be honest. It was weird at first. We had tech difficulties. I had to engage Ron to help individuals figure it out. (He’s free FYI and glad to help!) It isn’t the same. It can be glitchy and it is so out of my control.

That said, as the days pass, I find myself looking forward to seeing the familiar faces of my students in the zoom windows. I have met spouses who are helping their partner get situated. I have met pets and been allowed a glimpse into the lives of my students. If the sound of that gives you agita, take a deep breath. Some students use the Zoom backgrounds and appear to be doing yoga in San Fransisco or on a tropical island. If it REALLY gives you agita, take another deep breath and know that you can turn the video off and still see me. No one will be able to see you! You are muted throughout the whole class so if you have dogs that bark at joggers or the mailman, kids wailing or family members banging around, you will not disturb anyone….and its a great time for you to practice unattachment and withdrawal of the senses. Win win.

So, what am I passionate about? Letting people know that yoga is for everyone! What makes me unique? My honesty and “real-ness”. When am I the happiest in my business? When my community is thriving (me included!) What types of clients do I love working with? Clients who seek to go deeper than just poses. Clients willing to be curious about the 8 fold path and themselves. Clients unafraid of self-inquiry. YOU!

I am beginning to think that things will not go back to “normal’ for awhile…maybe, never. Today, if you are missing your yoga community, missing your Practice, maybe even missing me, please consider trying the online class. What’s holding you back? If it is finances, we have the UNITY pass ($35 for 30 days unlimited classes) plus the two By Donation classes on M/W at 6pm. If it’s technology, I promise it’s not as hard as it seems and we are here to help. Caught up in the doldrum? Taking the first step is always the hardest. Just do it! Smiling faces are on the other side!

Go too www.zoom.us and download the app. Go to www.nourish.works. Under the Classes menu, choose Online Class Schedule. You can do everything from this page. Buy passes via the secure link. Make a donation (bottom right hand corner) via PayPal, Venmo or your debit or credit card. Some people mail in a monthly payment for classes even. To take the class, simply click on the class title in the schedule to be directed to the zoom meeting. The password is above the schedule in bold print. Arrive a few minutes early so the instructor can sign you in. If you have ANY problems, text me (603)833-1223 or email me lanta@nourish.works. I can walk you through or grab Ron to help. Aren’t I lucky to have him? (Yes. Yes, I am!)

I suppose I should return to my training. Ot maybe not. Everything I need is here. I hope to see you soon. If there is a shadow of a doubt, I miss you. 🙂