It’s Showtime!

I woke this morning feeling excited that my friends were arriving! I ran through my checklist in my head….beds, towels, food… and then it occurred to me-it’s here!


What began as a dream to become proficient in aerial dance lead me to a journey of self-discovery, reclamation and on my best days, self-love. I lost my father this year. I deepened some friendships and released others. I found a community of women also seeking to love themselves and support others in the process. I hosted my first retreat at the farm. It has been a big year!

So, how am I feeling as the event looms in the near future?




My knee is acting up. Me period which began on 9/26 is still happening (sorry if TMI, but seriously! It is.worthy of note!!!) so I am feeling a little tired, but I am ready. And typical of me, I am already planning my 50th year! I need to rehab this knee. It apparently has some instability and gets aggravated dancing in heels which I plan to keep doing! I need to complete my Burlesque Teacher Training. I have my Lyra Teacher Training in November. Danger Tits Burlesque will also perform in a show November 17 in Portland celebrating Red, Hot & Ladylike’s 10th Anniversary! And so much more!!!!

People have been saying 50 is the new 30. Baloney! I am claiming every single second of everyone of those years. I earned them. I lived them. I am here now with all of that wisdom and strength that I didn’t have at 30.

So, thank you everyone for going on this journey with me! Thank you for your support and your love. <3

This post wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging my husband, Ron, who held me up every moment I was afraid, who encouraged me every time I felt like quitting, who held down the fort when all my training took me away from home, who is my biggest champion and fan  and who loves me unflinchingly in spite of myself. Ron, you complete me. I love you.

Look for pictures next week and please “like’ this post so I know that you are out there, reading and sharing with me. <3


2 thoughts on “It’s Showtime!

  1. You’re amazing. The best of luck to you on this monumental quest you’ve worked so hard on (and through) and challenging yourself to never give up. ❤️

  2. You truly are inspirational to me! Not because I think you’re perfect, but because even through the doubt or low self times you still go for it! Reassessing goals, life, likes, and wishes, striving for a better self for you which in turn a better us in your relationship with those you love. I love you and am very excited to celebrate you tomorrow!

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