Let It Go.

The fifth niyama is Ishvara Pranidhana  or surrender. This invites us to let go of our burdens. It is the dedication, devotion, and surrender of the fruits of one’s practice to a higher power.

This Niyama speaks to two common aspects of yoga: the devotion to something greater than the self and the selfless action of karma yoga. Patanjali tells us that to reach the goal of yoga we must dissolve our ego and let go of our constant identification with ourselves. To do this, our yoga practice becomes an offering to something greater than ourselves. Through this simple act of dedication we become reminded of our connection to our higher power, and our yoga practice becomes sacred and filled with grace, inner peace, and abounding love.

Today, notice where you you can unburden yourself. Dedicate your actions to something bigger. Let it go.

In love,


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