Let’s catch up!

I have not been writing much, but I have been creating lots! I suppose it is time to sit down and share.

My birthday party is now 3 months away and I am starting to feel the pressure of that. I keep trying to relax into it, but there are a lot of details to manage. Invitations. Decor. Catering. The cleanup following. Then, there is the performance…which brings with it lots of other things to think about….coordinating rehearsal times, learning each dance, costumes and just plain HOLY CRAP! What have I taken on? lol I continue to be excited to do this though. Ron and I were talking last night with a family friend and I found myself trying to explain why I was doing this. I am sincerely not trying to make a spectacle of myself, but I am seeking to do something spectacular. That is a subtle, yet important distinction. We also discussed that this generation is one of the first to not have adult children at 50. Grammydom is possibly decades away and we are vital at 50. This offers us a unique opportunity for self exploration and expression. I hope lots of woman claim this time to do just that!

Along those lines, I decided it was a good time to host a women’s retreat. I awoke one morning last week and said “I need to do this NOW”, so I did. I am amazingly calm about this. It feels divinely inspired and I have absolute faith that it will unfold as it should. I am beginning to create the content for the retreat and can not wait for Aug 11 and my first camper to arrive. I know that we will all leave feeling blessed with hearts full. There are a few spots left if this calls to you. Follow this link for more information.

You are now up to date!

I hope you are having a delightful summer. As always, I would love to hear how you are exploring and expressing! Feel free to share!

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