Loving Your Way through 2020

As I came into the new year, reflecting upon my goals for myself, I felt the weight settle upon my shoulders. Gym 3x a week. Teach my yoga classes. Aerial class. Aerial conditioning. Institute my eating plan. Grow my business. Coach my consultants. Yikes!! I wanted out before I began! Are you feeling this way?

It’s ok to set goals. We are evolving and to be clear in the how of our evolution is a good thing. What needs to shift is perspective. We aren’t setting goals because we are lacking in some way. We are making choices that support our evolution. And what if we were to be making these choices from a place of love. Unconditional love. I breathe that in. I am supporting myself with unconditional love. WOW!….can you feel that? The expansiveness? The lightness?

Now, how does that transform your goals? Can you make cleaner, more nutritious food choices? Can you move your body to strengthen it, increasing vitality? Can you hydrate your body because well, it needs it….and more sleep too. Can you meet your work goals with an understanding of how love builds and expands to encompass all and you are merely sharing that love as you grow? Love becomes the currency. The give and take. Can you feel it?

I would love to hear your love -infused goals or intentions for 2020! Feel free to share in comments!

So much love to you!