March Ladies’ Nite

Peace Tree Yoga Friday, March 8 6-8:30 pm

In the spirit of tantra yoga, we look to the body as a way to become more present. In this once a month class, you will explore dance that connects you to your sensuality and allows you to express your unique beauty. And did we mention fun? It’s LOTS of fun! So, gather your favorite gals, bring an open mind and get your sexy on.

In the Burlesque tradition, you are encouraged to dress in what ever makes you feel good~fishnets, camisoles, slips, booty shorts.Keep in mind that you want to be able to move freely. Shoes should be comfortable~booties or heels with straps are great!

There will be a social time at the beginning, so feel free to bring an adult beverage if you so desire. Stemware is provided.

Space is limited so sign up now!