To be transformed.
Seed to flower.
Child to adult.
Caterpillar to butterfly.
A wave can turn to a hurricane,
a flame to a wildfire,
a stormcloud to a tornado.
It looms,
it darkens the sky,
it frightens.
But does not the shore dry,
the forest fizzle out?
The sun sneaks out behind a seemingly never-ending stream
of darkness and devastation.
So, too, do we transform.
A girl became a woman,
but not before
she was absorbed
by darkness.
Only thereafter
could she seek out the sun.
Peace comes after war,
recovery after illness,
healing after injury…
This transformation,
it is greater,
more magnanimous
because, too,
that process,
that search,
her darkness…
it stretched on for what she presumed was her
She was scared.
She was alone.
And then,
she triumphed;
she needed no one.
And then,
out flew a newly
Out to the world,
new world,
brighter world,
out she came…
a butterfly.~Meg B from (note:gender of pronouns switched from original)

My husband sent this poem to me. He continues to be my most constant supporter and fan. He celebrates my journey with such love and admiration. I fall more in love with him each day.


I hope this poem inspires you to continue to dig deeper…to keep exploring your depths…to do the things you are passionate about…even if you are afraid.

Sending you so much love today.


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