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  • Dinnertime is important!
    http:// // MasterfoodsBeautiful video – a complete surprise… love family! Posted by Overdownunder on Sunday, February 14, 2016  
  • The Midas Touch
    This is Midas. He is one of my goats. For those of you who don’t know me, I own a 15 acre hobby farm with a geriatric pony, goats, ducks, chickens and sometimes cows or pigs. I used to talk about it all the time as every experience was new and crazy or funny or hard. There was always a lesson to be learned-how to have better practices, or safer ones, how to make it easier, how not to ruin your vehicles upholstery in the transport of said animals. Are you starting to get the picture? So, 10 years in and the farm feels like another incomplete item on my husband’s and my to do list. We feel overwhelmed as the ...
  • Time to Move
    I woke up this morning feeling so heavy. A weeks worth of holiday eating has left me lethargic, bloated. As I step into my hot tub, my back aches and hamstrings tighten. I really need to move my body! I am seeing messages from fellow coaches saying “don’t let a bad week be a bad month” or “just do it”. I have mixed feelings about these messages and find myself thinking about them as I soak.  To me, these messages say that I am not enough. You still have work to do. Do more. Do IT ?!? I don’t want to lose the progress that I have made in my fitness, but damn, back off! I was tired. December was a busy, stressed out ...