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  • Checking In.
    We have been doing online classes for a few weeks now. I wanted to take a moment and see how we are doing. Some classes have been well attended and others not so much. The instructors leave their homes to come to the studio to lead classes. I want this effort to be of value to both you and them. I have created a survey to determine how we can best meet your needs and enhance your experience. Please take a minute and fill out for me. I appreciate your time and value your opinion. Lanta
  • Stay at Home
    Yesterday, the Governor issued a “stay at home” order and closed all nonessential businesses and extended remote learning until May 4. I may have cried. I didn’t know I had any attachments to how long we would continue in this way. In the back of my head, I was thinking through April, so why the tears? I have been pondering this all evening into this morning. I think I am lonely. I am accustomed to entertaining often, having lunch with girlfriends, dates with my husband, 5 yoga classes a week with my students. I miss the closeness, the camaraderie, the community. How do we reclaim it? Over the weekend, I hosted and attending a Trauma Aware Yoga Training and was ...
  • Happy Spring!
    Last night, at 11:50pm, we experienced the vernal equinox; the end of winter. It marks the return of light and longer days. A new beginning. A time to clean out stagnant energy within ourselves and our home. It is also a new beginning of sorts at the studio as we navigate our classes virtually. I am pleased to say it is going well. I want to assure you that we are here to support you! We have made it as simple as we can to “attend” classes. You just click on the class title in the online schedule. You can purchase your monthly passes on this same page. If you are attending Yoga by Donation, you have the choice to use ...
  • Coronavirus and stuff….
    So yesterday, I made the decision to suspend live classes at the studio. This isn’t going to be a coronavirus post because I am tired of discussing it and thinking about it and worrying about it. This post is a love letter of sorts. Yesterday, we had 3 students in the 9am class and 2 in the 6pm class. Even though I hadn’t made the call, my students were making best choices for themselves by staying away and I applaud that. Last night, I realized that I didn’t have an opportunity to say “see you later”. I didn’t get to tell my students how much I enjoy them. How important they are to me. How grateful I am for them. ...
  • Intuitive Embodiment:Bringing your Truth to Life-POSTPONED until further notice
    Saturday April 4, 2020 !0am-4pm $88 Join Energy Intuitive and Clear Energy Kundalini Yoga teacher, Lisa Rockenmacher, for a day of energy-enriching yoga, conversation, exploration, embodiment, and celebration – all aimed at deepening your connection to yourself. Lisa believes that each of us has equal access to intuitive guidance and this guidance is uniquely our own. Our abundant intuitive resources are often left un-tapped. That can change as soon as we make the choice to explore what’s possible in new ways. Whether you have no sense of how your intuition communicates with you or you are looking for a supportive community in which to deepen and re-boot your connection, this day is for you!In the morning we will practice Clear Energy ...
  • Chakra Series
    We are so pleased that Sheri McSheehy LMT, Reiki Master/Teacher is offering this Chakra series on the 3rd Friday of the month, March – September. March 20th-root chakra April 17th–    sacral chakra May 15th–       solar plexus June 19th–      heart chakra July 17th–      throat chakra August 21st-third eye chakra Sept 18th–      crown chakra In this series of classes you will discover the hidden forces within you – “the human energy system”. We will study :• the chakra functions of the physical, emotional and mental bodies.• Healing, influences & how to access the chakras• Meditations/affirmations• Auras• Color/crystals/stone healing• Sound healingThrough meditations, group discussions and journaling you will find and access your body’s inner wisdom.Energy exchange:$30 per class or $180 for all 7 sessionsSign up at here.
  • Beginner’s Mind
    I attended Chelsea’s class this morning. It was so refreshing to experience a new teacher and I heard cues I had never heard before. I experienced poses in ways I hadn’t sequenced before. I settled into the quiet because she is not as chatty as I am. It was soothing. As I left the studio, I started reminiscing about when I first began teaching. I kept my eyes closed through almost the entire class. Seriously. Almost the whole class! I was convicted in my desire to share yoga, but felt so vulnerable to be sharing these deep truths…to be standing in front of people showing them how to move their bodies when I had such a love/hate relationship with my own. ...
  • Restorative, Reiki & Sound Healing Workshop 2/22 6-8pm $30
    Join Jenni Stevens & Nick Gary for an evening of relaxation, restoration & sound healing. In this 2 hour restorative yoga class, you’ll experience the beautiful harmonics of Sounding Bowls and Himalayan Singing Bowls. Utilizing yoga props, you’ll benefit from a sequence of passive stretching, calming the nervous system and quieting the mind. As you relax into each posture, you’ll be enveloped in rich harmonic overtones which can help you release fully into each stretch, focusing the mind and promoting a deeper connection to the self, spirit and the heart.
  • February Meditation Circle 2/14 6pm $20
    Love is in the air! Bring your partner, your bestie, or your treasured self to the February Meditation class! This month, we will focus on the heart chakra, clearing away the stagnant energy and making way for the new! We are proud to offer Parker Mountain Comfort Wrap’s lavender scented eye pillows to enhance your experience of pampering and relaxation. $20
  • February Ladies’ Nite! 2/7 6:30-8pm $25
    In this once a month class, you will explore dance that connects you to your sensuality and allows you to express your unique beauty. And did we mention fun? It’s LOTS of fun! So, gather your favorite gals, bring an open mind and get your sexy on. In the Burlesque tradition, you are encouraged to dress in what ever makes you feel good~fishnets, camisoles, slips, booty shorts.Keep in mind that you want to be able to move freely. Shoes should be comfortable~booties or heels with straps are great! This month, please bring a robe or men’s shirt to use in our choreography. There will be a social time at the beginning, so feel free to bring an adult beverage if ...